Women in revealing clothes deserve to be raped – says a poll in Brazil

According to a report by AFP, a poll in Brazil says a woman who shows off her body deserves to be raped. We are talking about Brazil, the land of samba, voluptuous carnival dancers and mini bikinis.

Of the 3,810 respondents of both sexes who responded to the government’s Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA) survey released last week, about 2,480 – 65% – justified raping women who wear “clothing that shows off the body.”

And 58.5% of respondents also agreed that “if women knew how to behave, there would be fewer rapes.”

This poll has triggered outrage in the country, especially when it was revealed that most of the poll’s respondents – 66.5% – were women. So wait, it is okay to walk near-naked in a carnival, but not in real life? And women are the ones who believe this? There’s absolutlely no excuse for rape! What do you guys think?

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