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I was shortchanged – Monday Utere speaks on the Utere Family saga over Maltina Dance all money won

We brought you the story of the raging war in the family of the Maltina Dance All Winners, The Uttere Family [Read Here].
During an exclusive interview with a Bloomgist’s Mike Ikenwa, Mr. Jeremiah Monday Utterre told Zardy that he was short changed by the rest of the family after they won the Maltina Dance All season 8. Read the full interview below.

Mike Ikenwa (Mike): Hello Mr. Jeremiah, How you doing?

Jeremiah Monday Utterre (JMU): Very fine.

Mike: What’s the news we are getting from the Utere family?

JMU: What news?

Mike: Regarding the Maltina Dance All money

JMU: You know how it is. One person gets greedy and short changes the rest.

Mike: You mean they short changed u?

JMU: Well its nothing g to worry over. It’s a family thing and stuff like these are bound to happen. Yup. But I’m over it now a d I’ve moved on with my life.

Mike: But I heard that you are the only one person complaining about this?

JMU: Yes of course, others won’t complain, they are just kids, I got family and bills to pay. And for fear of being pushed outside the Utere family circle, they won’t complain.

Mike: According to what I heard, they said that what you are fighting over is the share of the leader who lead the team to the competition.

JMU: What is share? Was I asking for the whole money? I wanted what was due me.

Mike: Are you saying they haven’t given you your share of the 10m won?

JMU: Was it too much to ask for a family man who did most of the appreciative work for us to win?

Mike: So you have not gotten any share?

JMU: See, I said I was given a little compared to what they’ve got?

Mike How many of you went to the competition?

JMU: That u have to ask them. Like I said earlier, I am over that money. I used what I got to build me and my family a small house and I am okay with my life.

Mike: When you asked for the remaining, what did you get from them as a response?

JMU: Still nothing and I don’t care about it anymore. I have chosen the right way for me to deal with it. And thanks for your concern. Now you know I wasn’t being greedy. I just wanted a fair share of the money. When u watched the competition, who and who do u remember most? Me and the little boy brought fun and family happiness to the dance. We all worked as a team but they all turned against me. It’s all good.

I’ve got to go now, duty calls.

Mike: Alright thanks for your time. I hope to speak with you again in the future


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