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See the restaurant where all customers and staff are naked (Photos)

Hungry diners in Berlin have been stripping off to enjoy their dinner this week, as a restaurant happily welcomed them in completely NAKED.

But if you’re thinking of get undressed and jetting off to the German capital you might want to put your clothes back on – sadly, this was a one-off.

"Nude Restaurant - Black Cat" in Berlin

Some shaped their nipples into hearts and other symbols

"Nude Restaurant - Black Cat" in Berlin

Diners Venus and Robert Schlesinger (middle) with ‘waitresses’ Sarah Joelle Jahnel and Micaela Schaefer

The pop-up nude eatery was being housed in the fancy Black Cat, as part of the erotic ‘Venus’ festival.

The restaurant is normally known for its regional organic farm burger, juicy spare ribs and, presumably, the odd pint of German lager.

Scantily clad local celebs Micaela Schafer, 32, and Sarah Joelle, 26, served the punters – among them Sven, 42, who was dining with his friend Simone, 36.

"Nude Restaurant - Black Cat" in Berlin

The scantily-clad waitresses were only in town for one night

"Nude Restaurant - Black Cat" in Berlin

Venus also joined in with the nipple art

Sven said: “When something like this is offered, we obviously want to take part. We have no problem with nudity.”

According to Berliner Zeitung, Sven is active in the swinging scene and thoroughly enjoyed himself – both sampling the tasty food and getting naked.

"Nude Restaurant - Black Cat" in Berlin

‘Nudity reduces inhibitions. That is where the art lies for me’

"Nude Restaurant - Black Cat" in Berlin

The nude dining was part of an erotic festival in the German capital

For those who felt uncomfortable dining completely nude, there was also the option to go bare-chested and get a free drink on the house.

Although this is obviously slightly more risqué for the ladies than the gents.


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