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ATP World Tour Finals: Djokovic beats Thiem 6-7 (10-12) 6-0 6-2


 Djokovic beats Thiem 6-7 (10-12) 6-0 6-2

Venue: O2 Arena, London | Date: 13-20 November

Milos Raonic and Gael Monfis play in this group at 20:00

 Novak Djokovic

20:17:Milos Raonic takes on Gael Monfils in tonight’s evening match with live commentary Right here on Bloomgist Live Page

Tomorrow, attention switches to the John McEnroe Group with Stan Wawrinka playing Kei Nishiori in the afternoon session and Andy Murray headlining with a clash with Marin Cilic in the evening.

Plenty to look forward to, but that is all from this page today.

Bye for now.

20:16: Inexperience costs Thiem

The first set was really good quality tennis from Thiem but he lost that intensity in the second set and he will be disappointed. There was a little bit of inexperience of playing at this level.

20:15:Serbia’s Novak Djokovic: “Dominic started very well and we played on a very high level from the first point. He had a very high serve percentage and was the tougher player in the key moments of the tie-break. I definitely did not want to let him get off to a good start in the second set.

The players feel like rock stars at the O2. Thank you for everyone for being here in such large numbers from the very first match.”

20:14:Austria’s Dominic Thiem: “It was a good match with a great first set. I lost a little bit of energy which is what you need to play against Novak but it was an unbelievable;e experience to play on this great stage in front of this great crowd. 

“I think the court is playing quite fast compared to the rest of the year.

“This is one of the best events in men’s tennis and I will play at least three matches. I am a little tired and empty but can’t wait to play in the next match.”

20:13: Djokovic was comfortable in the end and there were lots of signs that he’s playing good tennis. His movement was good.

20:09: Game, set and match

Djokovic 6-7 (10-12) 6-0 6-2 Thiem

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic uppercuts the air in delight as he clinches victory. He turned Dominic Thiem into a punchbag for those final two sets.

Gael Monfils and Milos Raonic are the other two players in these two’s group. Djokovic has never been beaten by either.

20:08: Bloomgist Apologizes for our lost of connection with was due to system failure

15:51:Thiem backhand point

The money shot is the slo-mo replay at the end of this clip. 

The flowing one-handed backhand – the sexiest shot in sport?

The money shot is the slo-mo replay at the end of this clip. 

The flowing one-handed backhand – the sexiest shot in sport?

15:47: Djokovic 4-3 Thiem*

Novak Djokovic peels the cellophane off a new bat. He has had the chances to put himself a break clear in this set. Maybe this next game is the one.

Dominic Thiem’s fearless groundstrokes and big serving would make him a tough gunslinger to tackle in a tie-break shoot-out.

15:43: Djokovic 3-3 Thiem

Novak Djokovic has a look at 0-30 on the Dominic Thiem serve. And he will have a second serve to aim at as well. 

There have not been many of those from Thiem either.

But Djokovic duffs his return horribly long. That is the sort of chance that the Djokovic of nine months ago would snap up. The current version though is glitchy, like a one-star app.

15:38: Djokovic 3-2 Thiem*

Novak Djokovic towels down after holding to keep ahead in the opener.

15:34: Thiem taken to deuce, holds

*Djokovic 2-2 Thiem

Dominic Thiem comes under the microscope as Novak Djokovic takes him down to deuce-town once again, but the Austrian – via a helpful net cord – keeps the opener on serve.

15:28: Djokovic 2-1 Thiem*

Jose Mourinho loves London

Jose Mourinho loves London you see.

Here is the Manchester United manager – freed from him his five-star cage by the Irwell – soaking up the O2 atmosphere.

He is getting his freebie’s worth. It is a tight competitive match with Thiem going toe to toe with Djokovic and taking the Serb to 30 on his serve.

Djokovic is getting his thumb taped up at the changeover, after suffering a cut.


15:24: Thiem has got a violent game but he has never won a set against Djokovic. In fact, the closest he has come is losing a set 6-4.

15: 21: Thiem taken to deuce

Djokovic 1-0 Thiem*

Dominic Thiem wellying away at Novak Djokovic like Sonny Liston on the heavy bag, but the Serb’s returning smarts keep him in the rallies and he forces a mistake to take the game to deuce.


15:20: I think the court is playing a little quicker than in previous years. It certainly feels a bit warmer in here today than I remember.

14:08: As a four-time champion at the O2 Arena, and a six-time champion in Australia, the next two big tournaments will give us a real idea of whether Novak Djokovic’s loss of form is a blip, or evidence of a more permanent decline.

He’s certainly been in relaxed mood for the last few days, telling anyone who asks that his troubles are behind him, and coaches Boris Becker and Marian Vajda are back on the team.

However, Dominic Thiem is capable or producing the kind of flashing winners that have brought Stan Wawrinka so much success against Djokovic in recent years, so it will be interesting to see how the champion copes if the Austrian makes a fast start.


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