Smart scientist use mathematics to prove Donald Trump president

One of the most unpredictable of all elections in human history was the November, 2016 American presidential election held recently which the Republican Donald Trump emerged winner.


Many analysts, scholars, traders, researchers, prophets, politicians, astrological star gazers, experts in the field of academia and even political juggernauts predicted unsuccessfully that the Democratic Hillary Clinton will clinch the seat in White House regarded as the number one political position on earth.

Analysts confirmed that even Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka said: If Donald Trump wins; he will tear his Green Card. While Prophet T.B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Lagos, predicted unsuccessfully that a woman (Hillary Clinton) will become president of the United States.

However, Science Writer, Sunday Telegraph, Stanley Chibuihem Amalaha, in his mathematical formula, calculated successfully that Donald Trump will emerge winner of the presidential poll. In his text message sent to many people across the nation titled “MATHEMATICS PROVES DONALD TRUMP PRESIDENT”, the Scientist as he is fondly called by many, who has used Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics to prove Gay marriage wrong, few years ago, emphatically said that: Mathematics proves Donald Trump President.

Stanley analyzed that the names of all the recent past Three consecutive presidents of the United States with Barack Obama making Four, contain 11 (eleven) letters each, adding that ‘DONALD TRUMP’ be ing 11 letters will be the 5th president of the United States consecutively in recent time.

According to him, following the years they were elected, they are: George H. Bush (the father) (1988-1992); Bill Clinton (1992-2000); George W. Bush (the son) (2000-2008); Barack Obama (2008-2016); Donald Trump (2016-2024), (All elected presidents resume office on January of the next year after their election). Careful mathematical studies show that the names of these recent consecutive presidents of America contain 11 (eleven) letters each.

Stanley further said that he was advised not to publish his mathematical finding ahead of time in New Telegraph Newspaper by the company’s Administrative Head, Mr. Robinson Ezeh, because of fear of failure which might ridicule the image of the newspaper.

Some dignitaries he sent the texts ahead of time before the presidential poll include: Prof. Ibidapo-Obe, Former Vice Chancellor, University of Lagos; Prof. Rahaman Bello, Vice Chancellor, University of Lagos; Prof. Ralph Akinfeleye, Head, Unilag Radio/Television, Department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos; Mrs. Funke Egbemode, MD/EIC – New Telegraph Newspapers, Lagos; Mrs. Juliet Bumah, Editor, Sunday Telegraph Newspapers, Lagos; Mr. Oyebanji, Circulation Manager, New Telegraph Newspapers, Lagos; Mr. Gabriel Akinadewo, Former MD, New Telegraph Newspapers, Lagos; Mr. Tunde Suleman, Deputy Editor, Sunday Telegraph Newspapers, Lagos; Mr. Chuka Nnabuife, MD, National Light Newspapers, Awka, Anambra State; Mr. Durojaiye, Former Editor, Daily Times Newspapers, Ikeja, Lagos; just to mention but a few. He challenged anyone doubting the validity of his claim to confirm from these erudite scholars. Stanley’s text message before the election reads: “Mathematics proves Donald Trump President”.

Careful mathematical study I carried shows DONALD TRUMP will be US PRESIDENT this November.

The names of ALL the recent past 3 CONSECUTIVE PRESIDENTS OF US including BARRACK OBAMA, making 4, have 11 letters each.

It is only DONALD TRUMP that is also 11 letters – CHIBUIHEM STANLEY While his congratulatory text message reads: Endless praises to CHRIST the Lamb who has proved my mathematical calculation on DONALD TRUMP right.

Glory be to God, Donald Trump has emerged President of America – CHIBUIHEM STANLEY.

Stanley attributed all glory to God who has made his calculations right and believes strongly that Trump will fight terrorism, gay marriage and abortion.

SOURCE: The Bloomgist/News Telegraph

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