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OPINION: Dear President Buhari, for the love of yourself and the country, please resign

First and foremost, congratulations to you, the Chibok community, and to all well-meaning Nigerians on the successful release of additional 82 #ChibokGirls from the hands of their abductor – Boko Haram.


At least, at this point, no one can genuinely fault your commitment to securing the release of the girls and reuniting them with their loved ones. It is a huge success for the country and for your administration

Meanwhile, early this year, precisely 19th January 2017, you traveled out of the country to the United Kingdom in what your handlers called a 10-day vacation to have some rest. However, you ended up staying in London for about two months, during which several political leaders visited you and gave us the assurance that you were “Hale and Hearty”, “Fit as Fiddle” and that you were only resting.

Unfortunately, it turns out that you were really sick as you hinted during a short address to the nation when you returned. You admitted that he had never been this “sick” in your entire life and further revealed that you had a “blood transfusion” in the course of your treatment in the United Kingdom. This shows the gravity of your illness.

However, since you returned to the country, it is no longer a matter of just speculation that you have not been completely capable of carrying out your constitutional duties as expected, but have also assigned the majority of your job to your vice- Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

Sir, the last Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting held on 3rd May 2017, makes it the third consecutive FEC meetings you have failed to attend and preside over. The reason for this cannot be farfetched- your ill health, even though your information minister has maintained a different reason, which is, you were resting.

While that was on, last night you travelled back to the United Kingdom in what your handlers termed, follow-up medical consultations with your doctors.

Mr President, just this year, you travelled in January, returned in March, rested all April, this is May and you are back in London. Sir, isn’t it obvious that you really need to focus on your health? It cannot be overemphasised that you need a comprehensive rest, a quality one for that matter, devoid of all forms of stress- especially political stress, which is in its totality mentally demanding and strenuous.

Mr President, it is very important that you know that the overall health of the leader of any nation is in one way or another important for the health and wellbeing of the nation.

As much as I would like you to complete your tenure in office and deliver on the Change Mantra for positive development that you promised Nigerians – there is no question about that, yet, I am worried that your persistent ill health is beginning to affect your performance and your overall capacity to govern the nation.

The time has come sir; you must resign. It’s time that you step aside to allow the country repair itself and allow it have an active and a vibrant leader.

The only reason and I do mean the only reason that you have survived this long without mounting pressure from all nooks and crannies of the country for your resignation is because a large number of the masses still loves you and believes you are incorruptible- an opinion in which your ill health condition is now making some to doubt. Or how does one explain that you cleared the suspended Secretary General of the Federation of wrongdoing involving the #IDPGate, and the same you suspended him months later for same allegations?

Truth be told Mr. President, I know, you as a citizen would not have condoned from any President a continuous inability to discharge his/her responsibility due to ill health, just as you displayed during the time of Late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.

Mr President, your ill health is leaving an imbalance in the country and raising unnecessary issues which could have been averted if you were in good health.

Mr President, save yourself and the country the pain of going through this unwarranted confusion and heartache. Nigerians shouldn’t have to go through this. A man of integrity as you are fondly described would realise when to cut the confusion and misery and step aside to stave off further anguish. Please, Mr President; do the right thing- Please resign

A resignation from your will afford you an ample time to take proper and unconditioned care of yourself and pay all necessary attention to your health. In the same way, it will afford the country which is perceived that you love so much to have a healthy and a mentally stable leader- a condition which is key for one of the toughest jobs in our land.

In view of this, the call for your resignation cannot be taken out of context and as a matter of sincerity, it is long overdue.

Make no mistakes Mr President; I wish you good health and speedy recovery. But with the kind of rest you need to recuperate appropriately, it might be difficult for you to get such at the Presidency.

Mr President, save yourself the trouble, for the love of yourself and the country, please RESIGN.

Sir, it is time; please resign.

Yours sincerely,

Ogundana Michael Rotimi

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