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North Korea dares Trump, steals classified military documents of secret plans between US and South Korea 

According to South Korean news agency Yonhap which cited a statement by Democratic Party Rep. Lee Cheol-hee, North Korean hackers have reportedly stolen a large amount of classified military documents, which includes a South Korean and U.S. plan to “decapitate” North Korea’s leadership.

Cheol-Hee’s revelation

The news agency quoted Cheol-Hee saying the hackers broke into South Korea’s Defense Integrated Data Centre which is responsible for storing digital military data in September last year to steal the secret files, with Operational Plans 5015 and 3100 mentioned in the article.

The dictates of the stolen documents

Operational Plan 5015 relates to “the latest Seoul-Washington scheme to handle an all-out war with Pyongyang, which reportedly contains detailed procedures to ‘decapitate’ the North Korean leadership,” while operational Plan 3100 is Seoul’s plan to “respond to the North’s localised provocations,” the news agency said.

“Also among them were contingency plans for the South’s special forces, reports to allies’ top commanders, and information on key military facilities and power plants,” Yonhap added, referring to Cheol-Hee’s claims.

According to the South Korean lawmaker who cited unnamed defense officials as being the sources of information on the hack, 235 gigabytes worth of military documents were taken, but nearly 80 percent of the contents of the documents is yet to be identified.


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