Russia 2018 World Cup

US is missing World Cup for first time since 1990 and Trump is to be blamed

The last FIFA World Cup that didn’t feature the United States of America was in 1986 in Mexico, but all that seems to have changed as the US National team was unable to qualify for the most prestigious football event in Russia next year.

The result was an inexcusable 2-1 defeat suffered against Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday night.

Many Americans have described Tuesday night as the most “surreal and embarrassing night in US soccer history.”

Although, the sport has not been fully embraced in the US, the country has featured in every FIFA World Cup for the last 31 years and has become a CONCACAF powerhouse.

Even though the Americans are more excellent in other sports, football cannot be regarded as their weakest sport, judging by the history of the country’s football team.

The American football team managed to get a ticket to the 1990 World cup in Italy, even when the CONCACAF region had only two slots to the tournament.

They went on to make seven consecutive appearances in the World Cup Finals, reaching the knock out stage in four of the tournaments.

But that run came to a catastrophic end on Tuesday night and there’s just one person to blame: DONALD TRUMP.

Since his inauguration as President, Trump has been driving everyone crazy. I mean everyone. From politicians, to professionals, sportsmen, and even ordinary citizens.

Trump has attacked everyone who he sees as an antagonist in his bid to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Recently, players in the National Football League (NFL) have been his major target.

He has continued to attack the players for bending the knee in protest of his racist remarks when the national anthem comes up before the game. Not to forget his attack on basketball star, Steph Curry for turning down his invitation to the White House.

But he has refused to think for a minute what his constant, meaningless ramblings may be doing to the morale of the sportsmen of his country.

Trump’s unending hits on the NFL players and basketball stars may have just demoralised their football counterparts, leading to the United States witnessing its lowest point in its recent sporting history.


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