INTERVIEW: Ohaju Obed speaks exclusively to Bloomgist on his mission to influence African youths

Being among those selected as one of the 2017 Youths to Watch out for in 2018, Ohaju Obed was recently interviewed by the Bloomgist where he spoke on his mission to impact the African youths and positively influence them.

Ohaju Obed Ifeanyi is an enterprising youngster with an insatiable passion to impact and influence the  youths positively in  this fast moving 21st century, through proactive teaching, mentoring and exemplary leadership.

Ohaju Obed Ifeanyi
Ohaju Obed Ifeanyi

Aside his mentoring projects, He is a Motivational Speaker, an Author with an outstanding books “Nigeria: Who is to blame?” and “The Irredeemable Price”. He is a renowned poet whose line of thought inspires, motivates and intrigues ecstasy in the mind of his readers. He has plethora of poems to his name, like “My Wife, My Treasure”, “Sweet hour of Prayer”, “The pangs of poverty, etc.

His poems, “My Wife, My Treasure” have been featured on many media platforms which have earned copious of positive reviews and recommendations across the Continent and beyond.

As a blogger, he narrows majorly on inspirational and motivational contents, with tons of testimonies from his followers whose lives have been touched and inspired for greatness, through his facebook  and blogs platforms. He is also an online e-book publisher who helps writers publish their books on Amazon and other online book stores worldwide.

Obed was recently honoured and presented a “Young Author’s Award” by Creative Writing and Readership Campaign Team (CR & RC) Enugu, as an under 20 years young published author, whose writings impact humanity.

He was also invited to Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), South America, for an International Culture Exchange organized by the Emancipation Support Committee. It is an annual event, organized mainly to celebrate the emancipation of Africans from slavery and to celebrate African cultures and heritage.

Being among those selected as one of the 2017 Youths to Watch out for in 2018, Ohaju Obed was recently interviewed by the Bloomgist where he spoke on his mission to impact the African youths and positively influence them. Below is the excerpt of his session with Bloomgist’s Mike Ikenwa

Mike Ikenwa (Mike) – What inspired you into mentorship and your mission to influence the youths as you stated in the Bio you sent to The Bloomgist?

Ohaju Obed (Obed) – As a youth, having a clear understanding of what it is to be young and futuristic, and the challenges youths face at this primal stage of their life which ranges from the need for decision making, peer influence and other basic necessities, I saw majority of youths going in the wrong direction of life, making uninformed decisions that can mar their lives and destinies, this ignited my passion to rescue these youths through informed training and mentorship, so as to influence them positively and show them the right direction to go. This will go a long way to salvage our nation from impending ruin and disaster and as well prepare the youths for a great future ahead because they all are the ones who will steer the wheel of this nation in the right bearing. In other words, they are the future hope of our nation and the world at large.

Mike – What are your strategies in achieving this?

Obed – One thing is to make plans, another is to follow it up with necessary actions.

I’ve set up different platforms on which I can reach out to these youths. In our days where technology has made most things easier and majority of the youths are found on various social media platforms, I made it a priority to inspire and teach these young folks through my social media platforms. I facilitate in various online seminars teaching them basically on purpose discovery, career, leadership, relationship, morality and so on.

I also engage them offline, by visiting some secondary schools around the states of Nigeria where they gave me  platform to interact with the students and teach them the basic things they need to know about life, and how to lead a good and effective life. I’ve visited St. Monica’s Primary and Secondary School, Woliwo, in Onitsha Anambra State and various other schools around Nigeria.

I plan to host Seminars, coaching sessions and Leadership trainings so as to engage these youths personally and direct them aright on life’s issues.

Mike – How effective do you think your project has been and how impacting do you think it is?

Obed: I must say it has been very effective.

I’ve received tons of testimonies, eulogies and as well Awards from some of these youths whose lives have been impacted positively. Sometimes, when I go through these testimonials, it gathers so much tears in my eyes..

Many of them testified of how their lives have been changed and directed to a right bearing, others testified that they’ve been spurred up to be the best and achieve excellence in their endeavors through the inspirational contents I share with them.

Many have benefitted immensely and I’ll not relent nor be deterred from this noble course I’m pursuing. I certainly believe, thousands of other youths will as well benefit from this course as days go by. I’m planning to make the impact reach out to every single youth in our country Nigeria and also the world at large.

Mike – How far do you tend to go with this project?

Obed: I really have great plans which will help to grow this project. As we advance, I’d like to host a transnational leadership training where I’ll invite both national and international speakers to come and train the youths. It will grow to the leadership programmes pastors like Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowu, Pastor T. D Jakes and others do host.

Right now, I have an N.G.O known as Transgenerational Global Impact Initiative (TGII), which is solely for global impacts. Through this N.G.O, I’ll partner with other companies that will help make this dream a reality.

Our vision 2018 is focused on the youths and I implore you to watch as it unravels.

Mike: What’s your take on the rate of decline in political participation of African youths and how do you think your project will help encourage participation in order to bring change and sustain democracy in Africa?

Obed: One true fact is this, majority of our leaders find the youths unworthy of some leadership positions in the country. They prefer to eat the fat and drop the bones for the youths to eat. They also want the youths to cheer them in their facades.

Another thing to consider is this, are the youths ready to take up these leadership positions so as to steer the wheel of leadership of this continent to the right bearing?

In my own opinion, I must say that we are ready. If majority of the youths are not ready, there are few who have self developed and prepared themselves to lead this nation effectively and bring that positive change we desire. I must say that a good percent of the youths now participate in politics, that’s why we see the likes of Osita Chidoka contesting for Anambra State gubernatorial election which was held on Saturday 18th November, 2017.

Meanwhile, part of the vision is to train and raise leaders that will bring about positive change in their generation or at any level of leadership where they find themselves. Not just being mere leaders, but leaders that will make a positive trans-generational impact on the people they lead.

So, as this project trains the youths on leadership and the best ways to administer effectively at any level they find themselves. This project will also encourage them and support their drive to contest for any leadership position in the country. By this, the level of political participation will increase and democracy will be sustained in Africa and also the world at large.

Mike – Let’s talk about your books and writings. Which was your first book and has it been published?

Obed: My first book is, “Nigeria: Who is to blame?”.

It has been published on Amazon and other online e-book stores worldwide, although the hard copy is not yet published.

Mike: Tell me about the book

Obed: My book, “Nigeria: Who is to blame?” is birthed in my passion to correct the contemporary issues that is prevalent in my country Nigeria.

It is a byproduct of my personal reflections on the many woes and pangs reflective of the unworthy condition a country ladened with so much awesomeness has been entrapped in.

Nigeria, a country richly endowed with both human and natural resources, full of such potential that is unequaled in comparison to most others. Yet she is one of the most troubled of all the nations in the globe.

Every problem is said to have a root cause that drives it. Beyond the “who” is the “what”. What factors are at the root of this problems?

Towards which direction shall this great giant steer the wheel to make a good turn in the right bearing?

“Will Nigeria ever get better?” is the troubling question in the heart of all and sundry. What more hope lie ahead for a country like this one?

In this outstanding masterpiece, I tactfully bared my thoughts on the primary issues holding the great giant of Africa at ransom. By so doing, I intelligently beams the light on the road to the Nigeria of our dreams.

Mike: How do you start writing?

Obed: A demand was placed on my potentials.

Before now, I didn’t consider writing as one viable and feasible career in life. I didn’t consider myself as a creative writer, let alone being a published author. Although, I’ve written series of essays, articles, speeches and so on while I was in secondary school at Metu Memorial Secondary School, Onitsha.

It was mid last year, 2016, when a novel writing competition came up courtesy of  “Youngauthor Foundation”, I took advantage of the opportunity. Laid on myself the necessity to write and in my wildest dream, I wrote the first manuscript of my fiction story entitled, “The Irredeemable Price” in a night I denied myself some sleep. Although after that night, there were lots of additions that were made in the book.

This novel was actually my first manuscript but my book “Nigeria: Who is to blame?” became my first published book.

Mike: What challenges do you face doing all these?

Obed: It’s been quite challenging I must say.

As a youngster, I have to multitask so as to live up to the responsibilities these things bring.

There are challenges of finance to sponsor these visions.

Most of my books are still in e-book format, I need finance or sponsorship so as to get their paperback published.

Partnerships, sponsorships and cash donations can help a lot to finance these visions.

Mike: What excites you most about your projects

Obed: One major thing that excites me is the fact that I’m investing in humanity. It feels good to know someone is grateful to God for getting in touch with you.

So, I believe to impact humanity positively is my priority and that achieved makes me happy.

Mike: What do you wish people should know about you?

Obed:  (Smiles) I’m just that enterprising youngster with an insatiable passion to impact and influence the 21st century youths positively through proactive teaching, mentoring and exemplary leadership.

Mike: Finally, what would you want the Africa youths to know generally?

Obed: Well, I’d like my fellow youths to know that life is more than they see. Life is like the computing term, “Garbage in, garbage out”. In other words, what you input into life is what you’ll get. What you sowritingsat you will reap. Life deals with us on the same coin we deal with it.

Life is too precious to be wasted in frivolity, immorality and other juvenile delinquencies they involve themselves in.

They should strive for the best. Discover their purpose through close relationship with God, their maker. They should self develop themselves, because it is the best form of education.

I’ll end this by quoting John Star Jordan, he said “The world stands aside for anybody who knows where he is going to pass.”

Dear youths, have a clear vision for your life and run with that vision till you achieve it. Don’t stop, don’t quit, no matter what happens. Always trust in God and depend on his guidance. Live to the fullest of your potentials and leave an indelible mark on the sands of time.

Mike: Thanks very much for your time. I hope to be in touch more.

This article was exclusively curated by the Bloomgist. The original report was first Published on Bloomgist’s BT E-Magazine on December 11th 2017.

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