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Fooda to empower 300 women with two-months intensive cooking training

Before now and then, most men and women, boys and girls, individual of private and corporate homes, famous and non-famous of the society has been struggling to have a balanced nitrous lifestyle, due to the fact that the food market has been constant (same food all the time), and that’s why they are left with no choice than to eat whatever that is available.

Fooda to empower 300 women with two-months intensive cooking training

Even in most homes they find very difficult to eat six(6) different kind of good meals in a week, because their kitchen too is constant(always stocked with same kind of food stocks), and such home will have no choice than to keep eating food like

  1. Rice (constantly),
  2. Beans (occasionally),
  3. Yam (occasionally),
  4. Soups with swallows (constantly),
  5. Spaghetti (occasionally).

This mode of feeding is always the basic of most Nigerian homes, and yet out of the five foods you will find out that three is occasionally while two is constant, this is mal-nitrous lifestyle.

Now this same mode of feeding is found out there in the commercial markets and offices, here as a consumer you are compelled indirectly to keep eating same kind of food sold around your place of endeavor, why because the food seller around you is specialized in one pattern of food and there you will have no choice than to keep patronizing. So people are already tired but what can they do nothing. Will they refuse to eat just because of eating same pattern of meals all the time while they need food energy to survive no. what a pity, and worry no more because FOODA is here.

Right now have to agree with me that the food market and even your private kitchen at home has indirectly compelled you to keep eating against your appetite. FOODA is here to offer you the choice of to choose, eat different kinds of meal each day that comes, Control you appetite and stay healthy too.

Fooda is running a two-months intensive training cooking classes for any youth or individual who desire to have a skill and be self employed, self empowered, and ready to create job for others.

The training will begin from January 24th and will be on through March. There will be special treatments and rewards for those that registered early and the best in the classes

To be part of this special empowerment training, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.


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