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Wanja Mwaura outside Hinga’s Store at Wangige market, and then the interior of the well-stocked shop.


Patrick ‘Hinga’ Wanjiru, a recovering drug addict, whose story has lately grabbed media attention in Kenya, can now positively look forward to coming out of rehab to a fresh start in life.

This is after his childhood friend, whose efforts to get him off drugs went viral, revealed the grand plans she has laid out to get him back on his feet when he’s done with rehab.

Wanja Mwaura, who is a nurse by profession, made the revelation on her Facebook page on Wednesday.

Ms Mwaura says she’s been setting up the shop at Wangige market in readiness for her friend’s discharge from rehab at the end of this month.

While she refers to the business as a ‘mali mali’ shop, the pictures she attached to her Facebook post showed a well-stocked store with a wide range of household goods and foodstuffs.
The exterior of the modest building, already christened Hinga’s Store, has an attractive coat of bright yellow paint and a protective tent above the entrance.

“He told me before he got fully addicted to drugs, he was hawking in wangige market selling what we call “Mali mali”. With the money we raised we have opened a Mali Mali shop for him and gotten him a house to stay,” Wanja wrote on Facebook.

“Hinga will be out of rehab in the 28th of this month, we had to prepare on how and what he will be doing after rehab and where he will stay,” she further said.

Ms Wanja says she was able to open and stock the shop as well as rent a house for Hinga from the contributions of well wishers who responded to her plea for funds.



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