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City women can’t make marriage proposal to boyfriends

A section of Nairobi women are struggling with the prospect of making marriage proposal to their boyfriends.

City women can't make marriage proposal to boyfriends

Earlier this week, social media was abuzz after a video of a woman proposing to her boyfriend in a public place went viral. She was left humiliated after he refused her proposal, and it later emerged that the man was already married.

Members of the Kilimani Mumz Udaku Zone Facebook group expressed varied opinions on the matter, many still holding to the opinion that the role should be left for men.

This was after one member had asked; “Sasa huki proposia mwanaume we ndio unagaramia wedding ama?? By the way ladies can you do this, me thinking of trying.”

Here is what they had to say.

“Hata siwezi… hata nmepewe dollar million,” said one member of the group.

“Dot com proposals, I’m so old fashioned, hope my daughters never do this… .. My opinion,” wrote another.

“Inaitwa kupenda mtu hadi unasahu kama pia wewe unafaa kupendwa utalia kwa choo,” commented another.

“Hii ni ujinga,” said another.

“Can’t Ata kwa dawa,” added a member.

“Issa hell noooooo,” retorted another group member.


“Cool. Not wrong. It depends on ur thinking capacity,” responded another online user.

“God forbid,” exclaimed another group member.

“Thinking of adding kiuliso kingine… .. Ju ni dem amepropose, hubby ndiye atakuwa anafanya house chores/wifely duties.. Ama kunaendanga aje?” asked one group member.

“Desperation, my thinking,” wrote another group member.

“Haha never ever” wrote one online user.

“Thiz is nonsense I can’t dare, atakuacha then ukuje kutwambia my hubby left me after I proposed to him,” said another group member.

“Ukipropose bwana atakuwa nani sasa, mm naheshimu mungu bwana afanye majukumu yake tu,” responded one group member.

“I did it. .and it worked,” challenged another online user.

“I can only do that if he will be the one to get pregnant for 9months,” wrote another online user.

“Maringo kando… walai cwezi” wrote one group member.

“Unajaribu na wengine tushafanya mpaka akakataa tena,” said another group member.

SOURCE: Nairobi New

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