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VIDEO: Stephanie Otobo returns, confesses of blackmailing Apostle Johnson Suleman

Not too many scandals remain fresh in our memory like the one against Apostle Johnson Suleman by singer, Stephanie Otobo. It was a battle of words, accusations, prayer and a song. Sigh! We won’t forget that music video in a while.

Stephanie Otobo returns, confesses of blackmailing Apostle Johnson Suleman

We spent a whole lot of time last year going back and forth over the alleged scandal of Apostle Johnson Suleman. The internet broke last year, when the self acclaimed lover of Apostle Suleman accused him of impregnating and refusing to marry her. It looked like after a while, we all forgot but like they say, the internet never truly forgets.

News about Stephanie Otobo suddenly resurfaced on the internet today after a video was released by Omega Fire Ministries of her apology and public confession. We don’t know the trigger behind these recent trail on confessions against evil acts formerly perpetrated against pastors.

Should we just agree its the power of prayer?

The Canadian-based Nigerian lady had gone to Omega Fire Ministry headquarters, Auchi, Edo, to apologise to Apostle Johnson Suleman and his family saying in tears that she was paid by politicians to lie against the man of God.

In her words, “The only offense he committed was to have intervened in the numerous heinous crimes against the Church of Christ around the Nation and became a Voice for the Gospel.

“What followed was a well – doctored drama to attack the reputation of this Golden Voice and seemingly reduce the volume of his voice even as more evils were planned against the Church.

“After all the evil efforts, the secret agenda, the heavily funded set up and the unrelenting pursuits to snare an innocent man, they were futile. The master planner has finally vindicated his church and his servant. This is not only a victory for God’s Servant; it is a victory for the Body of Christ & The Church in Nigeria.”

Apostle Suleman afterwards, prayed for her, claiming to have forgiven her.

Watch the video below:

But, we are confused and like any other person, we have a couple of questions. But, we’ll wait for later.


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