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Chad deploys military to Southern Cameroon as crisis persists

ACORDING to multiple sources Chadian soldiers, dispatched by Chadian President Idriss Deby at the request of Cameroonian President Paul Biya, have been fighting for several weeks alongside Cameroonian’s armed forces against the English-speakingseparatists.

Heavy fighting reported in Southern Cameroon as army hit protesters

Cameroon soldiers. Photo: International Crisis Group

“It is since the last summit of the Economic Community of Central African States on October 30, 2017, that the two heads of state – in power for three decades – have had to help each other,” a high-ranking official of the Chadian army told Africa Info on condition of anonymity.”

The information we are getting is that the Cameroonian military is finding it difficult to fight the separatists. The military were not prepared for this kind of combat,” he said, adding that even the Chadian military is “feeling discouraged”. Despite several attempts, the communication officer of the Cameroonian ministry of defense did not respond to our inquiries. Meanwhile, on the field, the situation is far from calming down despite the fact that the independence leaders were abducted from Nigeria and sent to Cameroon under conditions the UN says violates the rules of of International law.

According to witnesses, fighting has raged on for several days on the border between Nigeria and Cameroon.

Several attempts by the Chadian mercenaries and the Cameroon armed forces have been unsuccessful, a regular source told Africa Info.

SOURCE: Translated from Africa Info, with additional reporting by Michael Tantoh

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