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Cholera outbreak spreading very fast

THE cholera outbreak in the northern Mozambican province of Nampula has now spread to the Lurio administrative post in Memba district.


Photo: The Citizen

The provincial chief doctor, Sulaimana Isidoro, told AIM on Tuesday that the first cases of choelra in Lurio were diagnosed on 30 January. So far 22 people in Lurio are known to have caught the disease, one of whom has died.

Isidoro said that, since the outbreak began in September, there have been 1,552 cases diagnosed and two deaths.

The first cases were in and around Memba town. Lurio is in the north of Memba district, just south of the Lurio river, which forms the boudary with Cabo Delgado province.

“We have opened a treatment centre in Lurio, where the cases I mentioned are cared for”, said Isidoro. “The centre in Nampula city remains open, and is receiving patients sporadically. In the last 24 hours only one patient entered the Nampula centre”.

She was pleased that the campaigns promoting individual and collective hygiene in the city seemed to have paid off, bringing the cholera situation in the city under control.

Nampula also suffered serious damage from a tropical depression that struck the province in January. Some 3,300 people needed temporary shelter after the storms damaged or destroyed their homes in Mossuril, Monapo and Mozambique Island districts.

The provincial governor, Victor Borges, on Tuesday visisted the Nampula branch of the government’s relief agency, the National Disaster Management Institute (INGC), where he was told that the two accommodation centres set up for the storm victims have now been closed.

“Right now these shelters are closed and the teams are working to assist in the construction of new homes for the families affected”, the provincial INGC delegate, Virginia Malauene, told Borges.

73,000 people affected by the storms were provided with emergency aid, and Malauene said this support will continue for the next 15 days.

Borges praised the INGC for its quick response to the storms. “The forecast allowed us to monitor the depression, and to pre-position resources so that we could respond rapidly”, he said. “We shall continue to support the families affected. We need to keep mobilising resources so that we can restore damaged infrastructures”.

The total requirements for repairing the storm damage amount to 269 million meticais (about 4.4 million US dollars).

SOURCE: Poptel


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