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Reasons for Zari’s split with Diamond Platinumz

News of famous Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan’s decision to dump Bongo Flava star Diamond Platinumz on Valentine’s Day has been the talk of the town.


Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan (left) and Bongo Flava star Diamond Platinumz. Hassan dumped Diamond on Valentine’s Day. Photo: Daily Nation

While everyone was busy celebrating love on Valentine’s, Zari spent the day alone, terming it as ‘just any other normal day’ before later taking to Instagram to confirm her decision to dump the music crooner accusing him of numerous infidelity cases.

The two celebrities have been in a relationship since December 2014. Last year they were at the verge of calling it quits when Diamond confessed to having cheated on Zari with Hamisa Mobetto that resulted to Mobetto’s pregnancy.

Zari forgave. But what could be the straw that broke the camel’s back this time? According to multiple close sources around the two, one reason is that Zari had remained insecure in the long-distance relationship as she is based in South Africa and Diamond in Tanzania.


Secondly, an alleged clip of Diamond with another lady in their matrimonial house that leaked could have made the situation worse. Another reason floated is the fact that most endorsement deals that required the couple to be together might have expired.

It is also said that Zari wasn’t happy when Diamond was caught on camera getting cozy with his ex Wema Sepetu during the launch of his newest member of WCB, Marombosso.

Diamond and Wema have remained close friends, a situation that hasn’t been appealing to Zari as she is the lady the musician dumped for her.

SOURCE: Daily Nation

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