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How to make a living online with ease

Is it possible to make money online? How to make enough money to make a living online? Here you will find some practical advice for making a living online.

Many people still believe that earning money online is a fairy-tale for native users. Are you one of those people? If so, then you are losing many opportunities the web offers you every day. There are ways, they are reliable, and many people have already tried them out. Why can’t you do the same then?

Providing writing services is a way to earn money online. You can check out, for example. This is an opportunity to earn without leaving your home. But providing writing services is far not the only earning option. It does not matter what your occupation and professional background are, you can find your way.

How to Make Money Online

So, now you have decided to try. There is a number of options to earn money online. Here are just some of them:

  • Taking jobs which you can find on freelancing websites;
  • Filling in surveys;
  • Websites testing and apps testing;
  • Giving online lessons;
  • Providing article writing services.

You can consider creating a website and monetizing it, or starting an online shop. But most likely, if you need money, you aren’t in the mood to invest now. That is why it is better to consider the above-mentioned options because they don’t require any investments.

Freelance Websites

This can be a good start for launching a freelancer career or at least to solve financial issues for a particular time. If you are looking for earning options, then you had better check those websites that provide free subscription options. If everything goes smoothly, you can consider a paid subscription plan later on. Such websites offer a wide range of jobs, so you can find something that you like or that you can do for a while.

Marketing Surveys

Taking surveys is a good way to earn some money fast and without putting too much effort. Are you interested? Then type in your browser “paid survey sites” and go on. It is better to sign up to receive notifications from the sites you liked. Then you will not miss important information.

A survey will take not much of your time and usually pays from 1 to 3 USD. Are you willing to get 3 USD for one hour of your time? If yes, then this option may be a perfect solution for you. If companies are willing to pay to learn your opinion about their products, why not get money for this?

Website and App Testing

Website testing is often ordered by big companies. They want to make sure that all functions work perfectly, that the website is user-friendly, that you as a common user, can navigate it without problems. This is a great option to earn good money fast because it takes little time(just around 15 minutes) and is paid well – around 5-10 USD per test.

Usually, you perform some actions on the website. For example, if the website is for buying and selling things, you may be asked to make a purchase. But be aware, that you need to record everything you are doing, as the website owner wants to make sure that you really tested the website. That is why, most likely, you need to have a laptop with a microphone and speedy internet connection.

Online Tutoring

If you have teaching skills, or if you have some knowledge that is in demand, why not try teaching? There are plenty of apps that allow doing it – Skype, for example. Why not help a kid with homework? Or why not explain some topic to a student? If you are lucky to have special education, then online tutoring may become your career. Do you know that there are many online schools that will be happy to pay you for your work? There are many teachers who make their living out of online tutoring.

Writing Services

If you love writing and can write, then providing writing services can be a career for life for you. There are many website owners who are looking for quality content. There are SEO specialists and companies, who are willing to pay good money for SEO optimized articles. Finally, there are many websites that offer money for interesting content. You can select anything you like.


Making money online is as simple as making money in an office, for example. There are numerous advantages of earning online. But there are disadvantages as well because not everybody is disciplined enough to get used to deadlines and requirements without having a fixed schedule of work.

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