The Bloomgist unveils new brand campaign: Don’t divide us

The Bloomgist has launched a new integrated brand campaign, which aims to showcase its unbiased journalism and reappraisal of the brand.

The campaign made its debute March 30th, 2018.

It is now being rolled out across TV, digital and print. Iceberg-Pictures created the campaign in collaboration with The Bloomgist’s in-house marketing and creative teams.

The creative utilises famous cultural references – from politics, to sport and pop-culture – to highlight moments when actions have been considered and divisive. Executionally, the campaign brings to life specific actions, policies and statements, through their inherent power, have taken route in culture or affected the very course of history.

At a time when public figures, influential and political leaders have incited and divided the continent, and the role that quality journalism plays in providing news, insight and analysis. It is with this in mind that the advert ends with the line, ‘Don’t divide us. We are one’.

Also highlighted is The Bloomgist’s multi-platform strategy which aims to bring Bloomgist content to consumers wherever they are, with content being available across digital, on third party platforms, audio and print.

Don’t divide us builds on The Bloomgist’s broader MediaFits brand positioning and belief that knowledge, information and insight are the keys to moving forward in today’s world.

About The Bloomgist:

The Bloomgist’s mission is to deliver quality, trusted, award-winning journalism, 24 hours a day and across all the platforms our customers use – web and mobile. Our portfolio includes The Bloomgist website and app.

The Bloomgist’s content is also available on Google+ News, Facebook Instant Articles and Google Home.

Recently nominated as the Best New Media in West Africa, our digital content reaches more than 1.2 million users across Africa (UKOM MMX MP March 2018).


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