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Baby catching metro police hailed as ‘hero’

A metro police constable has been hailed as a hero after he skillfully caught a baby who was flung off the roof of a shack during a stand-off with police.


Constable Luyolo Nojulumba has been hailed a hero after he caught a baby who was thrown from a shack rooftop. Photo: Deneesha Pillay

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality paid tribute to constable Luyolo Nojulumba at a press conference‚ describing him as “our hero” on Friday.

The constable watched a tense drama unfold as a 38-year-old father climbed on the roof of his shack in Joe Slovo township‚ threatening to throw his daughter to the ground if authorities demolished the structure on Thursday.

As police tried to negotiate with him‚ he hurled the infant towards the ground.

Nojulumba‚ watching from below‚ held out his arms and caught the baby.

Asked how he felt about the dramatic rescue‚ his humble reply was: “Good. I saved a life yesterday.”

“The man threw the baby. I managed to catch the baby‚” he added.

He said the child’s mother appeared to want the baby to fall to the ground.

She was telling police to leave the structure alone‚ “because there is no way they can live without that shack‚” he explained.

Asked what the first thing was that he did after catching the infant‚ he said: “The first thing in my mind was just to safeguard that baby.”

The baby was not injured. “There can be no injuries in the presence of the metro‚” he quipped.

He said other residents had supported the father when he was on the roof with the baby: “They threw stones at us.”

SOURCE: Herald Live


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