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Ladies here are things to do if you don’t want to chase him away

Men like to feel good and take pleasure in knowing that someone loves them. However, women because they tend to be more emotional than logical can go overboard while expressing their affection. Often times, this boomerangs and make him run away.

When he does not react as the intentions are, a lot of women resort to improving their dressing game. While this can make him sexually attracted, it can only keep the flames burning for a short while and hardly develops into an emotional attraction.

To keep his attention, there should be a balance between the emotional and sexual attraction.

Here are some steps to take if you want to keep him:

Maintain an air of mystery. In Nigeria, there is something called ‘See-Finish’. See-Finish is when a woman has given her all. That is emotional, sexual, physical (her total makeup) such that it looks like she no longer has a life without him. Revealing too much at the first few meetings has proven to make him get bored and stop the chase more times than not.
Men like to hunt. They find pleasure in doing this. Instead, engage him in a conversation and let him do some of the talking. To spice thing up, intercept with words of admiration. This will boost his ego and make him want to impress you.

We know you are intrigued by him and would want to spend your life with him. This has made you take the first step several times to call or ask him out on a date. This is not healthy. Get busy, let him miss you. If he notices, it’d make him come back to his senses.

Being extremely nice can be such a bad thing after all. While it is a beautiful quality, it can make you appear desperate and as one with no mind of her own despite your pure intentions.Extremely nice people are easily taken for granted. In a relationship, their actions can be translated to desperation and result in disapproval. Make him know you have an independent mind. Take an honest test. Ask your trusted ones if you are too nice, what ways you appear desperate and work on them.

Always remember your sense of worth when in a relationship.


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