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Women give birth on cold floors – Zimbabwe nurse

One of the 15,000 Zimbabwean nurses fired by the former army chief has told the BBC’s Focus on Africa radio programme why she and her striking colleagues are refusing to return to work.

Namibia Suspends Recruitment Of Zimbabwean Nurses

Namibia Suspends Recruitment Of Zimbabwean Nurses

The midwife, who asked to remain anonymous, spoke about their working conditions:

You find [at times] that you are nursing women on the floor. It leads to outbreaks of bronchitis [in hospitals] – it is because of the poor resources and poor management that we have.

A woman delivers her baby and she goes to sleep on the cold floor with her new-born baby. Two days down the line that baby dies because of bronchitis or is again admitted at the children’s hospital. It’s us who are failing these people.That’s frustrating, that hurts.

And we can’t tell anyone [about the situation] because they think we are just trying to politicise it. They fired all of us because they say we are trying to politicise the whole thing. And yet we are just highlighting to them the concerns.”

If people were just to come and see how it’s like at Harare Central hospital. It’s pathetic. You end up providing sub-standard nursing just because we need to put up a facade that everything is OK.

If you have patients with pregnancy induced hyper-tension and we don’t have any hypertension medication in stock that means that when they come in you just check their blood pressures and that it.”


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