“Police pushed me out of the van” – Dino Melaye alleges

An aide to Nigeria’s controversial senator Dino Melaye has denied that the lawmaker jumped from a police vehicle in the capital, Abuja, to escape, saying he was pushed.

Whistleblowers, Insist Dino Melaye Did Not Graduate, says VC lied
Whistleblowers, Insist Dino Melaye Did Not Graduate, says VC lied

Mr Melaye was being taken to court in the southern city of Lokoja when Tuesday’s incident happened.

Police say that his supporters in two cars had intercepted the police vehicle, allowing Mr Melaye to jump out through the window.

They said they later tracked him down at a private hospital, where they re-arrested him and took him to the national hospital in Abuja.

Mr Melaye is no stranger to controversy. He is currently fighting to remain a senator seat after a petition of almost 200,000 voters demanded his dismissal.

His supporters claim the arrest and move to oust him are the result of a political spat with the governor of Kogi state Yahaya Bello, even though both of them are members of the ruling party.

Police said last month that Mr Melaye is wanted for questioning over allegations that he had given weapons to kidnappers. He, however, denies the allegation.

He was criticised last year for his appearance in a music video depicting his lavish lifestyle.

The song features lyrics like “100 cars in the parking lot like I’m Dino”.

The video shows rapper Kach pretending to eat dollar bills, displaying expensive cars, a mansion, jewellery and shoes.

In 2016, the senator released a video of himself dancing and singing what is now known as the “ajeku iya song”- a Yoruba proverb which states that if you confront someone bigger than you, you are bound to be badly beaten up.

Mr Melaye represents the Kogi West constituency


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