Here things Ethiopians can do now that they couldn’t before

Ethiopia’s state of emergency (SOE) has finally been lifted – but what does it mean for the people living in the country?


Here is a short list to give you an idea:

  • You can have a party without asking permission

Among the rules brought in was one banning public assembly, gatherings and moving in a group – not to mention demonstrations – without express permission. You can now, in theory, do all these things without asking for the okay beforehand.

  • You can stay out as late as you want

A curfew running from dusk til dawn was imposed on major projects, factories, farms and governmental institution has also been lifted.

  • Police can’t arrest you without a warrant

The SOE allowed officers to arrest or search anyone without a court warrant upon any suspicion.

  • You can write what you want

The law had prohibited publishing or distributing writings or showing gesture or making message public through any medium that causes riot, disturbance and suspicion or grievance among people.


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