Nigeria, the politicians and their religion (Part One) – Opinion

By Abideen Muhammed Ayomide

As we celebrate democracy, there is need to evaluate our politicians on the scale of democracy and religion. History has it that Nigeria among other countries is too childish to operate on true and just democracy. This is because democracy we expect to unite us became the pivot point at which we argue and hate ourselves even beyond the scope of mere men.


However, the problem would have been better and minimal if its tentacle was not extended to religious jingoism and political favoritism. No nation will grow under such condition for the obvious reason – enmity and all forms of jingoism. And our upholder of the acclaimed democracy are busy worshiping politics.

The politics our looters play in Nigeria is far from being dirty but also dangerous to the growth of our nation. Or is not in this nation that we hardly buy respect for politicians let alone clothing them with gown of equity, integrity, etc.

Politicians at liberty turn politics to god they worship every day of their life. An average Nigerian usually expect comedy in Nigeria politics especially from the Senate. If Saraki is not the actor, it means Dino Melaye is still within his time on the stage. If there is anything our senators and representatives worship in the hollow Chamber is mace and gavel and public funds is the reward of their gospel.

Among those axiom in the fold of politics we were unconsciously taught is that Nigeria Politicians have no religion and it is evident during election period where a politician may tactically bear Muslim and Christian name that makes it awkward to boldly distinguish if he belongs to the people of Bible or Quran or ‘iron’.  They bamboozle the populace making us to believe they are holy than thou.

You won’t imagine a supposed Muslim politicians that attended congregational prayer on Friday dancing fervently on Sunday to praise thy Lord in different styles. The one whose devil has erected pillars in his heart will worship Allah on Friday, crown Sango on Saturday night and worship Jesus on Sunday. And if you complain, such fellow will say we worship the same God!

And for the God chosen one, at least to my statistical analysis, he stick to one religion yet act in parallel line to the divine text. All the injunction of his Lord has no meaning to him. It is in this country that we witnessed a President that almost turned Aso rock to religious centre was later cut in many unlettered corruptions. He also paraded worship house to kneel to Baba God like a truthful repentant, alas! He is only fooling us to rob us. So who should we say Nigerian politicians worship if not politics?

Nigerians politicians have long scrapped moral in their modul operandi and replaced political godfathers with their God. They don’t have any ten commandments than whims and caprices or greediness, which define their actions and inactions. Moral leadership has been dumped in the bin long time ago.

However, the fact remains that political structure without religion will surely trade the path of destruction. Our politicians in the light of sincerity must play politics without compromising religion. They must imbibe moral leadership style in order to give us the true change that will reform our society. Dr John C Maxwell said:

“Everything rises and falls on

leadership.” and I say religion is the bone that supports whatever falls on the shoulder of leadership.

Yes! Moral leadership is needed in order to ensure a  free and egalitarian society. However, our politicians flee not unto their Lord with sincere repentance which has make it very difficult for them to lift our dear country to a lofty height.

For Nigeria to achieve this, our politicians must understand, affirm and fathom that their guardianship is to take care and protect the interest of the citizens and not of power or dominance. The pain of the majority shouldn’t become something of gist in their comfort zone.

Truth be told, they are those among our politicians that actually intend to strike balance between their birth religion and the invented religion through political madness. However, more often than not, they are yet to ‘spit the image of the God’. Every effort implore to make them godly has always fell and still falling on stony ground. That is why till now, righteousness is a crime in the court of our politicians.

Politics then became two sided, it is either you are corrupt before joining or compromise your color afterwards. So, if you sight a politician in any worship place, he is either soliciting for their vote or secretly seeking forgiveness except few who never traded their religion for politics.

It is on the ground of irregularities of our politicians that hardened the heart of some people because they believe politics is highly susceptible to treachery and trading of one’s doctrine. The fear of being co – opted often make them to take to their heel when the song of politics is sang.

From here, now using religion to judge any administration is the greatest error one will ever committed as a sound citizen – politicians have no religion except few. It is high time we advocate for theocracy government and establish our own political system devoid of copycatism in Nigeria if justice must reign.

It is not unusual that they also worship female to quench their sexual urge. There is no particular formular they operate on. The game is to have a beautiful ladies with light and and sexy look. She must know the right equation to balance on the bed in order to get what she wants.

Also, our musicians are bird of a feather on this by spending lavishly on females to create scene in the society. Evidently, larger percent of our politicians have no religion per-se. Nigeria politicians have two eyes but tend to see nothing than the god they worship; to politicians we have a hunky dory state but a staunch man will argue otherwise.

In conclusion, that our politicians worship the wrong god is a problem to our national development. They are not working towards moral rectitude except its opposite. And my question is, can a blind soul lead morally upright mind?

Written by Abideen Muhammed, a student of Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education in the department of Computer and Mathematics Education.


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