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Is our democracy progressing or retrogressing?

By Samuel Sola Micheal

Whenever military takes over democratic government, the first thing they cripple is the National Assembly.

No matter the offense, the Executive & Judicial arms must not pose threat to the Legislative arm, it’s an independently existing arm of government. Respect should be accorded to our democratic institution. The seige on the National Assembly by the DSS is equivalent to coup de tat. As for me, it’s unwise to be a pro-Buhari or pro-Saraki, the duo has nothing to offer this country.

I weep for my dear nation, politics is a dirty game, if you are not smart, you will lose continuously.

I wish Goodluck Jonathan can come back as the President of Nigeria, whenever I remember what he did for this country and how people paid him back with insults, I feel my conscience stabbed. Goodluck Jonathan signed the Freedom of Information bill into law, yet it was this same law that empowered the media that crushed Jonathan’s administration, he gave up power easily after losing election; he is a true pro-democrat.
Politics is complex, the citizens you love, care about & whom your selfless act is towards most times don’t care, fight & oppose you meanwhile they like politicians who give out stipend & empty promises.

Jonathan had his lapses though; corruption & insecurity which I believe media (Sahara Reporters & Co) played huge role and had a lot of political undertones (especially Jonathan not representing the interest of Northern oligarchs).

But talking of democratic ideals & achievements, I give kudos to Jonathan, it ain’t easy am telling you. Do you know amount of money & resources spent on Almajiris in the North?

Reminds me of word of former Oyo state governor Alao Akala, “Even if you build roads with gold, people that don’t like you will still ask, how many carat of gold do you even use?”

Achievements of the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration
1. Promotion and practice of true democracy
2. Conduct of free and fair elections in the country
3. Liberalization of the press and guaranteeing the freedom of speech
4. Nigeria’s non-oil exports rose to 2.97 billion by the end of 2013, up from 2.3 billion in 2010
5. International e-commerce community with the approval and reinclusion of Nigeria as one of the Paypal-compliant countries
6. Revival of the dead automotive industry in Nigeria(Innoson motors)
7. Construction and beautification of many federal roads in the country
8. Standardization of airports across the country
9. Establishment of nine federal universities across the country
10. Computerizing education in the country with (CBT) for UTME candidates from 2015 till date.
11. Almajiri system of education in the academically disadvantaged Northern parts of the country.
12. Nigeria reduced its food imports by over 40%
13. Cashless system to encourage e-payment systems in the country
14. Revival of the comatose railway system of transportation.

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