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Swaziland in no-show at China-Africa summit

The only country without a representative at the China-Africa summit in Beijing is Swaziland, recently renamed eSawtini.


The kingdom, ruled by Mswati III, is the only country on the continent to reject pressure from China to drop diplomatic ties with Taiwan, which China considers as part of it.

China has denied putting pressure on the kingdom to switch sides.

Its special envoy for Africa, Xu Jinghu, said: “On this issue we won’t exert any pressure. We’ll wait for the time to be right… I believe this day will come sooner or later,” Ms Xu said.

Taiwan has vowed to fight China’s “increasingly out of control” behaviour.

The kingdom of Swaziland is one of the world’s last remaining absolute monarchies.

The king rules by decree over his million subjects, most of whom live in the countryside and follow traditional ways of life.

Cover photo: King Mswati III is one of the few absolute monarchs in the world. AFP

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