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Ghana mourners ‘upset over Annan’s covered casket’

Ghanaians are continuing to pay respects to Kofi Annan, the former UN chief whose body is currently lying in state at the Accra International Conference Centre.


Many are continuing come to pay their respects to him ahead of his funeral on Thursday.

But according to Ghana’s CitiFM, there has been some upset that the casket is covered.

The news website quoted a mourner as saying: “We were surprised and we just came and saw the casket closed with a Ghana flag [draped over it]. So we were just asking that; did we come to observe the Ghana flag or we came to observe [him].

Ghanaian funeral rites are elaborate – and the BBC’s Mayeni Jones has tweeted a video of a procession from Mr Annan’s home state of Akwamu arriving at the centre.

Here are some close-up shots, taken by the BBC’s Ayo Bello, of the paramount chiefs’ magnificent ceremonial umbrellas: 450068c2-a8a8-4e53-b517-be881f7009ca9efd53b6-f4e2-4299-9a5f-016c504e8c60 Part of the events on Wednesday have included officials paying their respects to Mr Annan’s relatives. The tweet below shows members of a peacekeeping training centre in Ghana, named after Mr Annan, greeting family members:

Mr Annan, the second African to become UN secretary-general, died aged 80 last month.

He served two terms, from 1997 to 2006, and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work.

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