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How Ambode can beat Tinubu’s plans

By Mike Ikenwa

It is very obvious that Governor Ambode of Lagos state has lost the support of the elites, the same elites that did everything possible to twist and break Fashola, the former Lagos state governor’s arms to bring him in as the successor.

David Babachir Lawal and Ambode

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, before recent developments, had the strong backing of Tinubu, one who is seen as the grand master of South Western politics, but it seem things has taken another turn within.

Ahead of the 2015 general elections, while Tinubu backed Ambode for the governorship, showering all sorts of praises of loyalty and dedicated, Fashola backed Hamzat, describing Ambode as being “Undisciplined and proud”, but it seems both Tinubu and Fashola are coming to terms by having common enemy, with one one goal – push him out.

All Progressives Congress (APC) leader Asiwaju Bola Tinubu recently broke his silence on the battle for the party’s ticket in Lagos State.

He backed former Commissioner Jide Sanwo-Olu and explained why incumbent Governor Akinwunmi Ambode would not receive his blessing. The primary is today.

Tinubu highlighted the qualities expected of the party’s flag bearer in next year’s governorship election.

He urged party faithful to vote in today’s direct primary for an aspirant with a wealth of experience, who understands the importance of the blueprint for development and who can reach out and work with other compatriots to maximise development and provide the best leadership.

Describing the shadow poll as an encounter with discipline, Tinubu said the candidate should possess superlative vision and commitment, and the ability to restore enlightened governance.

Having lost the blessings of his ‘godfather’ and that of other Lagos state decision makers, here are things Ambode can do to pull the masses behind himself;

Shut down the toll gate

One of the ways to bring the masses to support his reelection as the Lagos state Governor come 2019 is by shutting down the Lekki toll gate, which has been a point of agitation by the residents of that area.

With a population of over 401,272 people and approximately with over 86.8% of it’s residents owning cars, the toll gate is seen as a milking point by the Lagos state government on commuters, and pulling down the toll gate will be a victory for Ambode’s team, giving the people, including commercial motorists free access to and from Lekki, thereby pulling over over 500,000 votes all to himself.

Stop the daily market token collectors

The presence of the daily market token collectors who flood the Lagos state market twice a day, taxing both small, medium and large scale marketers excessively is very worrisome, and has put tears in the eyes of market women who found it difficult to even make daily sales in high competitive market.

With over 20 main markets in Lagos playing host to over two thousand traders on daily basis,  and inflow of more than twenty thousand buyers every day, Ambode can win this people over to himself by withdrawing his dogs in those markets, giving the traders 100% ownership of whatever they make (Except for the normal tax and levies). By so doing, Ambode has won the hearts of not less than 2.8 million people to himself.

Work, harder, work!

Recently, it was revealed that Lagos state government has hit an all time high of 103.4 billion on its Internally generated Revenue, putting it to over 75% more than many states of the federation, even with their federal allocation. Popping at list 70% of this revenue into visible and workable projects around the state, using it to complete all the abandoned projects that litter all over Lagos state will go a long way in turning the card to his favour.

Call the contractors, those handling the existing projects and those seeking for new contracts, get them on one table, both the contenders and frontiers, seated, let them sign an agreement to get all their projects completed on or before December 1st, those that are ready to sign, showing they can achieve it should sign, while getting whatever they need, in fact, give them more than 75% of whatever the agreement is and send them to work, while those that cannot meet up should go home. With this, you will see most of the projects around Lagos state being completed within a short period.

Spill, your excellency, spill it all and be free!

Now, since it’s whatever to win right? Here is where the dirty one comes in. You have been there for a very long time, and you know things, you know what to say to make this people believe that you are for them, then what are you waiting for? You’ve lost the elites, baba, don’t lose the masses too!

Start talking, just like you have started already. They said you are not a card-carrying member of APC right? Let the masses know that it is because they have many card-carrying members who cannot deliver because they are neither credible, fit nor reliable to deliver, hence their decision to bring in someone like you who they trust will reshape Lagos state to a world class, just like you are already doing in Oshodi and Ojota.

What are you waiting for, go for the masses, let the game be for you.

Peace out!

This is an updated version of the article titled: Lose the elites and win the masses: Here is how Ambode can beat Tinubu’s plans.


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