Former Anambra state Governor, Peter Obi

Peter Obi and what Nigerian leaders must learn

By Okonkwo Frank Perez‏

Peter Obi Proves That All Nigerians Need From Their Leaders Is Trust. The venue was Aba Town Hall and the occasion was the Abia South Senatorial primary election. While the party is PDP.

Former Anambra state Governor, Peter Obi

Inside the arena about 30 minutes to kick off, there was tension, particularly when delegates were being cleared and admitted into the arena. The bloodshot eyes of many delegates as they exchanged ‘war’ diatribes were matters for concern.

There were five aspirants, but only three were truly up for it,struggling to become the zones flagbearer. This was reason for the tension on ground. Five minutes before kick off, the chairman and some of his members of the committee arrived the arena. Five minutes later, the master of ceremony announced the process was about to begin since the Committee, led by the chairman, had arrived.

When he announced the chairman as the fmr gov of Anambra State, HE Peter Obi, the crowd of nearly 1000 erupted in cheers. The man popularly called Okwute took the microphone, briefly explained his team were ready to start and asked for calm and orderliness.

“Abia State is PDP State and will remain so. We will do it chronologically and peacefully,” he added and went to work. The atmosphere changed immediately . Anxiety and fear started leaving faces.

“Very good. Since Peter Obi is the one conducting there will be no problem,” many were saying openly. “There will be no mago mago.” “He will do it free and fair.” These were few of the words many delegates expressed freely in positive anticipation.

From orderliness in picking the ballot to voting, to sorting and finally counting, every delegate behaved accordingly. In his usual soft voice, he told them what to do(apart from whom to vote for) and they gladly obeyed without any voice raised, and he stood there, supervising for over five hours without once looking for a seat, sorted for over an hour still standing and counted for over ten minutes without showing any outward sign of exhaustion.


And with just five invalid votes of nearly 800 votes cast, it proved the orderliness helped immensely. When he announced the result, the supporters of the winner responded with cheerful jubilation. But the losers never had any cause to complain. Why should they? They just participated in one of the fairest and freest elections anyone could conduct anywhere.

It hence became very clear to me that the Nigerian masses will behave once a leader who leads by example directs them. All Nigerians need from their leaders is trust. Trust that whoever is leading is telling them the truth at all times. Trust that they won’t be led into a blind alley. They demonstrated that they trust the former governor of Anambra State.

While Mr. Obi was telling Nigerians in governance to cut costs of governance, the unrepentant amongst them keep mocking him with ‘Saint Peter Obi.’ But here is a man who was governor for eight years and practised to the letter what he is preaching.

Even those that are in the habit of promising ten different people same ticket and later disqualifying all of them in a clear show of deceit and unreliability, lead moves about with their propaganda machinery. Maligning a man who does nobody any harm besides preaching for good Nigeria. But yesterday, Mr. Obi once more practised what he preaches – TRANSPARENCY at all times. The reward is that both winners and losers go home as friends. – Tai Emeka Obasi

For the opposition to get it right and save us all from calamity come 2019, there must be a transparent election in the upcoming PDP presidential primaries.

4 a beta society, we need leaders dat understands core values&ethics. I appreciate Juliet Kego 4focussing on grooming d younger generation on leadership, becos a society can be only as strong as d no of its members who value its laws&adhere 2 dem personally.

As we are all leaders in diff levels of life, we need to cultivate the true character and principles of leading. For we might find ourselves tomorrow playing a vital society developmental role. Let’s get prepared.




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