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Igbos are offended by Buhari’s ‘Igbo traditional attire’

There is an outrage within the Igbo community over the recent photo shoot by President Muhammadu Buhari wearing the popular Igbo attire.


President Buhari released the photos following his emergence as the presidential candidate for All Progressive Congress, APC through indirect primaries.

The presidenti during a speech at the White House, with US President, Barack Obama said he will not treat those who voted for him the same way he will do those who did not vote him into power.

“(Going by election results), constituencies that gave me 97% can not in all honesty be treated, on some issues, with constituencies that gave me 5%. I think these are political realities. While, certainly there will be justice for everybody but the people who voted, and made their votes count, they must feel the government has appreciated the effort they put in putting the government in place. I think this is really fair….”

Speaking to Bloomgist in Port Harcourt, Mr. Chima Nwaiwu, the President of Port Harcourt Association of Igbo Business men said that Buhari has returned to the campaign ground again, and he has started seeing the Igbos as people who he can use any time he wishes to get whatever he wants.

“This is an insult to us all, the Igbos. He has always treated the Igbos as people with no identity and and no name, he has always treated us as people who he doesn’t care about, but now that it’s election period, he is back to us, wearing our identity, the same identity he has always detested, just to get our votes, he will fail again, this time.”

President Buhari was recently, during the APC National Convention been confirmed as the party’s Presidential candidate during the 2019 presidential elections.

Follow live coverage of all the primaries across the country HERE


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