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Bloomgist’s Ogbonna Jill’s speech at the Enugu Readers Summit 2018

Over the weekend, the Annual Enugu Reader’s Summit organised by Impactfield Initiative took place at the Center for memories, Enugu Nigeria.

Bloomgist Ogbonna Jill at Enugu Readers Summit 2018

The annual event which organized for readers and writers across the South-Eastern state of Nigeria was witnessed by many, including Bloomgist’s Ogbonna Jill, who on behalf of Bloomgist, delivered a speech on how both writers and readers can benefit from the newly launched Bloomgist Book, the literary channel of The Bloomgist.

Below is the full speech;

About The Bloomgist

Bloomgist is a 75% Africa-focused multimedia news brand that incorporates user-submitted contents for writers and columnist who writes outside our majors (News, Special Reports, Technology & Sports). We are targeting audiences with taste for original and changing contents.

Bloomgist is on the mission to build a global understanding of international issues and broaden Africa audience’s experience of different cultures. With over 4 years in digital publication, The Bloomgist has taken its readers into an Africa the rest of the world doesn’t talk about and is on the mission to report more of the underreported stories, while helping our readers make sense of every day events.


Nominated as the 2018 Best Digital Media in Africa by SoMA Awards, an annual Media Award by Kenya Televisions, Kenya; Bloomgist has a very clear vision for the African future: To be the most reliable and balanced digital news media in Africa and to pioneer new ways to serve at least 5 million registered customers through quality journalism and experiences, bringing them closer to us, Africa and each other.

Introducing Bloomgist Books

Bloomgist Books, the literary channel of the Bloomgist, was born out of the need to bring global literature closer to the African readers and writers, as well as lovers of literary works.

Since it was launched on the 16th of August 2018, Bloomgist Books has gotten over 1200 subscribers in less than 3 months, that is to say that apart from our audience of over 123,000 readers a week, there are 1200 people who are particularly interested in Books, hence they subscribe to be notified whenever we publish on the channel.

How can you be part of this?

For writers, we are interested in seeing you succeed, and as part of our vision, we are giving you the opportunity to publish your book reviews to our growing readers of over 800,000 people every month. We are offering you the opportunity to publish your first review with us, and have your next book reviewed and published for free by our team of professional and well informed reviewers like the iconic writer Okey Ndibe author of Foreign God’s Inc, Muyiwa Awoniyi, author of The Genesis of Our Exodus and Harouna Risa, author of Mombasa Raha, My Foot.

For readers, we are giving you 60% discount on any African Book you buy on Bloomgist Bookstore, as well as the opportunity to be among the first to have more insight on any new book published by African writers.

We are also inviting you to join the Bloomgist Readers Center on Facebook, where we, alongside intelligent and smart Africans talk about our stories, what’s behind them and our next project.

You can Access the channel on

Follow Bloomgist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @BloomgistBooks


Cover photo: Bloomgist Ogbonna Jill at Enugu Readers Summit 2018. Photo: Bloomgist


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