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Police give crucial update on status of man who climbed mast in Yola to protest economic situation

The Adamawa Police Command said on Thursday, October 25, that the 25-year-old man, Lawan Faro, who climbed a 40 metres high mast in Yola, is undergoing psychiatric evaluation. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Faro mounted the mast on Wednesday, October 24, to protest current hardship in the country and vowed to commit suicide.

“He has been taken to a hospital for psychiatric test to be carried out on him, in order to verify his mental status,” the command spokesman, Othman Abubakar, said in Yola.
The man was persuaded by security operatives to climb down at about 8pm on Wednesday, after hanging atop the mast for about eight hours.
Some of the onlookers had however accused Faro of being lazy; saying serious minded youths in the state are already set to reap from their investments on farming.
“We are celebrating bumper harvest in Adamawa not hardship; he is just playing politics or one of those lazy youths hoping to make quick money from politicians,” said Ibrahim Musa, a farmer.
He said such risky behaviour should not be encouraged.
In a similar development, previously reported that a 28-year-old man, Nurudeen Lliyasu, climbed a telecommunication mast in Abuja, to protest the poor economy in the country.

Various posters with different inscriptions were also seen along the AYA road and at the foot of the mast. One of them read: ‘Another hope betrayed battered, mutilated with collapsed economy.’

Cover Photo; Man who climbed mast in Yola. Photo;


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