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The future of the black race; much ado on the third coming of Buhari

By Isaac Ijuo-Pio

President Muhammadu Buhari

Increased unemployment, insecurity and horrific terrorist attacks, failing health and academic sector, poor road networks, declining economy, money laundering and junketing, the country is not just in a mess, the country is itself a mess, these were the ubiquitous advances of many Nigerians against the incumbent President and ruling party towards the end of the President Goodluck led administration. The extravagant clamor and fierce desire for change was loud, firm, but ironically the kind of change was left undefined.

 A Goliath named General (now President) Muhammadu Buhari paraded himself with enormous effrontery slamming the stage that he is capable to addressing the ills in the country at the snap of his fingers. He presented himself as the holy angel of good governance, progressive and positive change. His sullenly-delightful words massaged the ego of many Nigerians and they found him as a worthy messiah to save the pillaged and delinquent country. These phrases “sai “buhari,” “saibaba”was a laudate dominus for many Nigerians, after all our future are now secured with a man who repented of his unpopular governmental ills as a military head of state. I recall his pronounciamento saying; “I Muhammadu Buhari have resolved that the task ahead of me is that of Securing our Nation and Prospering our people not looking backward to the failed policies and promises of the past. As I noted before, it is no longer a question of choice but that of the will and courage.” He emerged on the wings of people’s despair and desperation. The expectations were high and promises bogusly-plentiful and no sooner that he emerged that we all saw his bold incompetency, ill-learned policies and unrepentant tyranny. We wondered how we had successfully, proudly and gladly elected another clueless, unprogressive, dictatorial, religiously and ethnically pampered and health failed-brain leader,but the central gist remains that we as a country are like ship wrecked from different sides and by different things.

The abiding irony and catacomb agony is the obnoxious fact that during his campaign he publicly declared and acknowledged his advanced age and his consequent limitations, he thus promised to serve for only one term.Perhaps, an Honourable man (that is if at all he is) would keep to his word if not for anything, but because of his failing health and gallantly step aside,but we are in a society of sycophants, and gold-plaited old cargos who keeping fishing from the same dead ocean of stillborn promises and feeding her fickle-minded, myopic and peanut-lovers citizens with complete dosage of religious sandwiches and concentrates of partisan hooliganism. We then have this saint in human form announcing and seeking a reelection for a second term as a democrat, what for? I ask.

We neither need Donald Trump to epithet our incumbent president as “lifeless” nor a Bill Gate to remind us that Nigeria is one of the worst places to be born on earth with the highest percentage of infant mortality. We are fully aware of the distress and continuous wallowing in the non-flowing pool of vampire’s misery. The stinking wounds and non-tranquil systems which President Muhammadu Buhari campaigned against, criticized and beckoned on Nigerians world over to go against by voting out the then incumbent president and party are the very things his administration are promisingly spearheading, but amazingly his deeds are left unchecked. Beyond rhetoric and stilt of doubt we acknowledge the pastoralism and presidential expropriation of resources, lands which are matters arising in the country, the demonic ash flow of poverty, the country leading other African nations of persons in IDP camps, institutionalized corruption(where for the first time reptiles and pisces are skillful enough to join the wagon of fund looters), selective appointment and probing of fund looters,decaying health system (where from the budget a Nigerian gets one thousand six hundred naira only to treat his health, however he goes for health break in London), ineffective social services, chaotic transportation and communication system, kidnapping, armed robbery and maiming now a profession, human right abuses (disemboweling of pregnant women, raping of women particularly children,attacks in IDP camps amidst others), states like; Taraba, Adamawa, Benue, Plateau,Kogi, Nassarawa, Maiduguri, Katsina even Abuja are flowing with blood and infested with swarm of flies caused which has increased the possibility of an epidemic, economic recession, non-innovative and technological advancement,ideological impotency, decline in food production, blame game as a means of securing his government.CAN ANY GOOD COME OUT OF NAZARETH?

The second coming of Buhari was strongly built on stealth,he was projected to be redeemed; to have become an elder statesman and even a democrat, but the Buhari we have seen is anything else, but these, his sullen deeds were murky and levied with religious “fanatism,”“cobwebic”enslavement of oppositions, a tribally-soiled soul, a slow poison who lacks tact and obviously blurry invision. So the third coming of this man bide no good to the country, if these endemic acts were seen to be done in the ending regime then a re-election is not only hazardous to the country, to the continent likewise.

If common rats then could stampede the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic from his Office then well-meaning citizens especially they outh who constitutes a gross percentage of six-two could likely parade him out of the office, by refusing to cast their right and future to intellectually crippled midgets who spearhead the vanguard of anti-technicalities with mediocre thoughts and animal husbandry visage of preeminence.Actually, these old men have tried they should go and enjoy their ignominious retirement away from public glare,rather than keeping the country as baby-feed and nursed infants, who cannot manage the batons of authority with due diligence and honour of her citizens,but if the third coming of Buhari succeeds,what then is the hope for the black race?

Rather than answering this question so as not to create further problems I would only ask jurisprudential questions let each and well-meaning citizens seek answers to illuminate their ignorant mind and take action from their varying cargoes of weaknesses. What is the ideology and meaning to the chorused change of the ruling party and president? What fiscal policies has this administration enacted that it is to the benefit of her citizens and the continent? What discussions are we having as a people in our political forums, seminars,legislative, judiciary and executive meetings over the state of the country? How are we intending to pull our citizens out of party and make them viable to compete in this technologically driven era? “Are we politricking or polinnovating?”Those contesting against Buhari what political record, societal influence and impact have they?Is Buhari actually the problem of the black race? Are we actually practicing democracy orgerontocracy, autocracy or kakistocracy? Are we prepared as a people todiscover the true meaning of development? What constitutes our standard of leadership selection?Is it; merit, dictatorial capacity, economic and financial intelligence, educational qualifications, religious biases or what? What is even leadership in the African context? The questions are multifarious like the tentacles of an octopus and abyssal so each of us should be critical on the state and future of this country and continent.

In conclusion, James Freeman Clarke said “A politician thinks of the next election, a statesman, of the next generation” speaking from the tsunami party prostitution we should conclusive posit the future of the continent. We discuss 2023, 2027, 2031 elections preaching Igbo presidency,Yoruba presidency, Igede/Idoma presidency and possibly Jukun/Ibibio Presidency not considering the Leadership content, character, effectiveness and productivity of candidates. Robin Sharma said“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact,influence and inspiration. Impacts involve getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work and you have to inspire teammates and customers.”Leaving the country and the continent in the cruel hands of this unproductive old folks and expecting different results is like playing with an ebola victim or eating the meats of monkeys with pox but envisaging not to be infested with the varying ailment.Well, since the continent had donned economic religiosity and god-drinking maybe our sheer-faith should pull us out of this misery someday.Obviously, God cannot be mocked…! If you want to correctly predict the future you create it, and whatever future you create, you enjoy. Thus, whatever future we build today regardless of our thunderous and continuously acclaimed effectual prayers we would for ever rigmarole around the same vicious circle of non-importance, ash-flow of poverty, insecurity, non-innovation,economic “ding batism”and mental slavery.


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