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You need more than just a wrist watch – how about a smart watch?

Ever thought of other things you can do with your wrist watch besides using it to check time? How about we guide you through this new ways of enjoying a wide range of beneficial options to go with while keeping track of what the time is with a smart watch.

With the new smart watch by Meccil Online Stores, you can enjoy many apps that come with a smart phone. You can, while checking time, make use of many social media apps including Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, We chat, as well as many other social media networks while on the move. Isn’t this incredible?
The watches are all water resistance and comes with screens that are not easily broken, and just like your smart phones, the smart watches comes with many features including but not limited to smart and responsive touch screen that detects fingers and smart contacts, with the Bluetooth sport pedometer, you can go ahead and have that morning routine without having to bother about getting another pedometer for your morning exercise, as well as both inbuilt and external memory card space for storage of up to 16-32 gigabits, music and photo gallery, G-sensor. Can dail and receive calls, has G-sensor, anti-theft, Remote camera/spy camera and recorders, 1.5 inch ultra narrow side screen, 2.5D curved TP Slim, HD display IPS high-sensitivity capacitive touch screen, precision full-fit process, It has an inbuilt speaker, Silicone material, anti sweat straps, CPU (processor) MTK6260, Bluetooth: 3.0, Machine size:45.6*3*12.5MM.
It’s a 2018 American version smart watch.
The smart watches have been designed with attention to every detail to give you better and unforgettable experience while you stand out in the crowd.
Meccil Online Stores is a pay-before-delivery online store Committed to providing their customers with wide range of genuine products such as mobile fruit extractor, sweat belts, cars etc that doesn’t only come at an affordable and mouth watering price, Meccil Online stores also deliver them right to your door step once payment is made and confirmed.
You can order yours now and stand a chance to win amazing prizes, free delivery for Lagos residents (those outside Lagos and Nigeria, delivery charges apply based on location) and with massive discounts if you are buying in bulk (12 pieces and above).

To place an instant order, go right on (Insert) link and follow the 3 easy processes or contact;
Meccil Online Stores. A few clicks is all it takes.

This content is sponsored by Meccil Online Stores

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