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I don’t like pizza, and I’m fine

In this part of the world, Lagos, there are some food that has been turned into what everyone should eat and what we must all like, if we want to fit in – Pizza is one of them.

By Sade Olakunle

So I walked into the office one day, with the news of one of the staff celebrating promotion and increased pay, expecting to see, probably ice cream cups on the tables and maybe, bottles of different varieties of soft drinks as alcohol isn’t a thing to bring into the company, but no, I was greeted with the burning aromas of Pizza and packs.

It’s not like I wasn’t going to ask for my share, but I wasn’t expecting to be made to feel that my not being excited about the packs of Pizza has made me an abnormal being.


Placed on my desk was half a pack, nicely decorated with tomatoes and some pieces of mushrooms to make it look yummy, but you see, this is not my thing. As soon as I sat down, I picked it up, appreciated the celebrant, wished him the bests and prayed him more exciting future, but then, easily handed it over to my pizza-addicted colleague while I seat and sip the cold drink that accompanied it.

This, to me, wasn’t a big deal, but not until I noticed that everyone had this kind of shock expressions on their faces.

Firstly, they were shocked because I wasn’t excited that the celebrant went out of his way to get something that is rarely used for such celebrations, and secondly for not being a pizza person. I don’t know how this made me feel, but the experience has left me wondering if not being a pizza person makes you an abnormal person around here.


I don’t like pizza, I don’t know if I am alone in this, but then, I don’t think that makes me an abnormal person, or maybe I’m not normal like they think, yet I just don’t like pizza, to the extent that even at half price I will still not take a second look at it.

What do you think about the pizza frenzy flying mood?

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