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Five truths every young entrepreneur should know

If you are a young entrepreneur or career professional, you would agree with me that the past months have been totally overwhelming. Trying to meet your target to earning customer’s satisfaction can be quite tough.

By Nancy Okere

This reminds me of the conversation I had with two start-up friends of mine few days ago on moving from being invisible to making profits as an entrepreneur.

These two friends of mine started their businesses in January this year but have different results now.

While one friend is having a lot of engagements and taking home referrals no matter how little, the other friend is complaining bitterly and considering taking up a white collar job.

I weighed the different reasons my friends gave me for their current position as business owners, combined with my knowledge as an entrepreneur and derived five truths you must be intentional about to be a successful entrepreneur.


It’s time to move from getting the “we will get back to you” to the ” let’s talk more about this”. A new year is close by, you have to level up!

Work on your appearance

The way you dress  going about as an entrepreneur is the very first important tip. I heard of someone who lost a mouth-watering job all because he was wearing a plastic band. This might seem strange but there is more to it. As much as you can, avoid wearing rubber bands too. Use a watch or  keep your hand empty. Wear clothes that cover your private parts properly as well as tattoos. Well-tailored suits are recommended. If you’re a lady, cut down on heavy make-ups. Smell nice and put up a smile when necessary.

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Stop claiming to be young

Now, that your dress sense is in check, the way you introduce yourself is next. Most entrepreneurs in their 20’s spend years hiding under the facade of being “young” professionals. In Nigeria, respect is completely associated with age. If you must gain respect for the services you offer, you must project maturity.Take away the “young” from the “professional” and claim professionalism. It’s a creative way to position yourself properly. Begin to think and act like a professional. Trust me,this will make people take you more seriously. So, the next time you have to introduce yourself, just say, you’re a professional. Period.

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Prepare your mind to speak up

If you don’t want to give people the impression that you’re not sure of what you’re about to say or you don’t want them laughing when you present a thought especially at a meeting, then prepare your mind to speak up. Be confident, brief and certain when projecting your ideas.

Promote your opportunities with proofs

In most top oil companies, you would need to be credited by certain people or organizations before you would be chosen to write their exams. Credibility is a vital requirement for success and if you must be successful, you must do the extra. Apply for training certifications, volunteer for print,radio or television features, become a member of relevant associations amongst others. With these, you are likely to sell more than your competitors.


Successful entrepreneurs are connected

This is the final truth I will be sharing with you. See, technology is a great tool you can use in your favour, you have to be intentional about checking your mails and tweeting about your brand regularly. Learn the art of writing and replying official mails from corporates. Don’t also forget to follow-up people who indicate interest in your services. You don’t have to be all over them. A polite reminder might just be the click.
These tips suggest that age doesn’t have anything to do with the success of a business if you do the right things. If you apply them with caution, you too can be on your way to getting better results as an entrepreneur.

A new year is close by, Level up, and cheers to a better entrepreneurship life!

Nancy Okere is a Library and Information Science student at Federal Polytechnic, Nekede. She is an academy writer and columnist for Bloomgist’s Column 6

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