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Sex workers to be arrested for incomplete service

Earlier this week, a group of young men in Lagos gathered to discuss ways to get value for their money whenever they patronize sex workers in Lagos.

By Sade Olakunle

Some of the men who spoke to Bloomgist anonymously decried the rate at which Lagos sex workers treat them even with their money. According to one of them, many times they leave them hanging without satisfying them, with their reasons being that their time has exhausted.

Speaking to Bloomgist, one said “To be honest, some times I feel like pouncing on them and demand for my money back, but I’m not a violent person and wouldn’t want to go about it in the wrong way. So over the weekend, I met with some other men who has been complaining of the same thing, and we have decided that the best way to get what we want to is to persuade the government to issue an order that will get sex workers arrested if they don’t satisfy their customers.”


Lagos is known for high patronage of sex workers by men who seek for either new ways to enjoy the night, or men who seek for sexual satisfaction. It is one of the highly patronized nightlife business in Lagos.

Men complain that the female sex workers are no longer satisfying them. According to them, most times they rush into it and out almost at the same time just because they want to meet up with another customer who, they also don’t want to lose.

“One of the night I went in with one in Ikeja, she rushed me like I din’t pay. I had read stories of how customers abuse female sex workers in Lagos, and I don’t want to do that to them. So I’m always gentle to them, but this recent attitude and style is no longer doing it for me.


“Some times they complain that we are slow to release, and that our money has expired, so they can’t continue. That is so annoying.

So we have taken steps to bring them to order in the future. We are making plans to write to the court to make an order that will punish sex workers if they fail to satisfy their customers after receiving money from them.”

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