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Why are Lagos people always angry?

Last week, I asked this exact question on the Bloomgist reader center to know why Lagos people are always angry like someone provoked them eternally, but you see, even from the response from people online, you could perceive anger, Why so?

  • By Mike Ikenwa

“You know, we can be sweet, so sweet to fault to anyone that comes around us any time any day, but yet, that is when we are not angry, because over here, we are meant to be angry to survive, we are meant to be mean and harsh to pass the day or get rushed by other angry men”, says Deji, a business man who supplies nylon to market women between Ketu to Ijora markets.

Journeying through the streetrs of Lagos, you could t=smell the anger from almost everyone ytou see, even the market men are the worse. Don’t be fooled by the intial smiling and pet names they call you when you are walki ng past their shops, they are doi ng so to woo you, but ones you decline and refuse to budge, you are as dead to them as hell.


My times in Lagos has exposed to me to so many thing that always makes them angry and more reason why they will always be angry during their days activities.

Here are the two major reasons Lagosians are always angry.


Traffic is obviously one of the many reasons an average Lagosian is angry. A journey that should take an hour is always lasting for 5 hours, forcing therm to spend more for alternatives, or decline important offers just because they can’t keep up with the daily routines of having to fight to stay ahead, wake up hours before normal just to push through the busy road to meet up with appointments.


“I leave in Coker, Aguda, and I work at Lagos Island. At most it should take me 2 hours or less to get their if I leave early, let’s say by 6, I should be there by 8 or few minutes past 8, but because of traffic, I’m always forced to wake up by 4:30am, prepare within 30 minutes, and most times I eat on the road. I leave my house latest 5:30, but yet, I still get to work around 9:00am or many minutes past it.

It’s so frustrating and at this point, there is no amount of money that can justify such stress, so when you are passing through these and knowing it’s not worth it, you end up being paranoid all the time.

The problem is not just the traffic, but the rush, the tension on the road and the fear of being caught up in a fight to retain your lane and keep moving for both commercial and private drivers. It’s a scene you don’t want to witness.


Lagos evidently the most populous African city, with many of its people settling their for business, and less of pleasure, this i=make it and extremely busy place to live in

The high level of competition among business owners is second to known you have witness. From fight to maintain and serve existing customers in other not to lose them to other competing businesses, to the struggles of getting new customers and expanding your business, whichever way, the stress that come with running a business in Lagos is real and exhaustive.


“I work at the trade fair, every day I have to stand outside the gate, beckoning on passers by and visitors to the market to come try our product and and come inside the shop to see the good we have and buy. It’s not a great experience.” says Nneoma, a sales girl in Trade fare, Ojo, Lagos.

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“Most times I stand there for many hours, under the son and walking about other times to meet new people who may be interested to buy from us. That’s a lot stress and I end almost all the days very tired and don’t feel like having any of the dramas from anyone, as a result, creating my own drama without even knowing it. This is Lagos and not a place for someone who is not ready for stress.”


Living in Lagos is base on the connections and the many opportunities it offers, not anywhere close to pleasure, hence you wonder how one can achieve that in a very busy place without getting mad.

What are the other reasons you think Lagosians are always angry?

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