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‘We must have made love 22,000 times’

The man who has sex every day after 40 years of marriage.

The man who has sex every day after 40 years of marriage.

  • By Anonymous

My wife and I are well into our fifth decade together. We still make love at least once, usually twice, a day, occasionally more than that. For me, nothing else in life comes anywhere close to the complete euphoria it brings. Now we’re older, sex takes longer, but that’s a bonus.

I reckon we must have made love something like 22,000 times over the years, and yet each new experience is full of passion and desire. In some ways there is even greater urgency, because time is going by and we need to make the most of every occasion.


There’s been plenty of scope for variety. We’ve experimented with all sorts of positions, more than a hundred altogether, and with locations outside the bedroom, including a corner of our garden. One memorable highlight was six sessions in a private swimming pool, where we managed to sustain uninterrupted coitus for two hours at a time over a couple of exhilarating days. We’ve repeated that on several occasions.

Neither of us can contemplate the idea of sex with anyone else. It’s something unique we have together. Love and sex for us are inextricably bound up with each other. Life apart is unthinkable, though we know it will happen one day. Our memories and the joy of seeing our children and grandchildren thrive will be consolation for whichever one of us is left behind.

Meanwhile, we couldn’t be happier, and hope there are lots more opportunities for cuddles and sex still to come.

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