5 top stories from the past week

Here are five top stories from the past week that you need to check again.

The past week was filled with some exciting stories that drove conversation across the web, but what exactly are those stories that made the news headlines and how did they play out and why.

Here are five top stories from the past week that you need to check again.

Al-Shabaab militia has conducted an attack against US military base Camp Simba in Kenya. Photograph: Staff Sgt. LEXIE WEST HANDOUT/EPA

Al-Shabaab kills three Americans in attack on US military base in Kenya

The attack on the Manda Bay airfield early on Sunday was the al-Qaida-linked group’s first attack against US forces in the East African country, and the military called the security situation “fluid” several hours after the assault.

Five attackers were killed, Kenyan military spokesman Paul Njuguna said.

The first female president of Mauritius, Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, at the Budapest Water Summit in 2016. She left office in 2018. Szilard Koszticsak/EPA

Why very few women go into politics in Mauritius

While Mauritius has excelled in most democratic indicators, it has been slow to improve gender equality in politics. Women’s representation in the Mauritian parliament was 5.7% in 1983 and 1987, 17% in 2005 and 11.6% in 2014. In the latest elections, the figure rose to 20%.

Believe it or leave it!

A little more than a decade ago, a pair of Harvard Business School students founded Rent the Runway, a platform for renting special-occasion evening wear that has since expanded to all kinds of wear: leopard-print blazers, bright red ski pants, Swarovski crystal necklaces and leather fanny packs.

There’s a growing awareness that Cambridge Analytica harnessed social media and personal data to influence elections. Shutterstock

Nigerian and Kenyan’s response to Cambridge Analytica

The legal responses to the revelations suggest a growing awareness that social media and personal data are being harnessed by outside actors to influence elections around the world.

In a recent article we analysed press coverage of Cambridge Analytica in Nigeria and Kenya. We wanted to see if local coverage reflected international media coverage of the scandal. To do this we focused on three key themes: data privacy and protection, unethical political campaigning on social media, and foreign involvement in African elections.

How do we talk to boys about sex?

A while back, during a discussion I was having with a group of high school students about sexual ethics, a boy raised his hand to ask me, “Can you have sex without feelings?” The other guys in the room nodded, leaned forward, curious, maybe a little challenging.

Strictly speaking, of course, even indifference is a feeling, but I knew what they meant: They wanted to know if they could have sex without caring:devoid of vulnerability, even with disregard for a partner. To put it in teenage parlance, they wanted to know whether it was truly possible to “hit it and quit it.”

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