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Podcast: “How I was raped for 7 years by my uncle, others”

On this episode of The Bloomgist Podcast, a young lady shares how she was raped for seven straight years starting from when she was six.

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According to Rita (Name changed), she was first raped by a 40 year old neighbour who she trust as a neighbour when she was just six years. she said while all there were going on, her mother and even siblings were aware of what was going on in her life, and as a result this lead her to being a sex addict.

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  1. Good day Joy, we at the bloomgist really appreciate you and we look forward to speaking with you as regards to your own story. Thanks


  2. Wow. I just hope I’ll be able to share mine one day. This is really courageous as we have too many of us that’s been through tough times as a result of our dirty experiences in the hands of these demons.

    BTW, who else noticed Ifeoma’s delivery of the podcast is massively improving?

    We love you Ifeoma 😍


  3. This is really a bold step, and I wish to apploud and tell you that you’ll be really fine dear. Do not let your past define you, keep being strong and prove you are w better than what you have been through

    Loads of love 😍


  4. Many of our young people have one or two stories around rape but finds it difficult to come out in the open to share because of how our society plays deaf ear to their stories.

    I dearly commend your courage to share this story and I wish many others will feel free to do so, because that’s the first step to redemption.

    May God help you recover fully.

    We love you.


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