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Fashion challenged: portraits of radical beauty – in pictures

These striking images from Adorned, an exhibition at Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam, tackle notions of fashion and beauty around the world.

Untitled, from the series Boys of Hong Kong, 2018
Alexandra Leese’s portraits of boys and men in Hong Kong address misconceptions about masculinity or attractiveness Adorned: The Fashionable Show is at Foam, Amsterdam, until 11 March
Photograph: © Alexandra Leese
Untitled. Photograph: © Giovanni Corabu & Roberto Ortu
Mob I, from Albus, 2015
The Johannesburg-based photographer’s series Albus looks at albinism. People with the condition are frequently discriminated against and the subject of superstition and violence. The portraits feature Thando Hopa, the first women with albinism to appear on the cover of Vogue, and model Sanele Xaba (seen here), who spoke with the Guardian about diversity in modelling
Photograph: © Justin Dingwall
Pearl I, from the series A Seat at the Table, 2018
A Seat at the Table features the South African model Moostapha Saidi and is about ‘the aesthetics of vitiligo’. Dingwall says: ‘The images are not about race or fashion, but about perception, and what we subjectively perceive as beautiful’
Photograph: © Justin Dingwall
Untitled, from Family Work, 2018The images are part of a project in which Pitchon recreates ads for luxury brands, but starring his family members at home in sometimes glamorous, sometimes playful poses
Photograph: © Hadar Pitchon
Untitled, from Family Work, 2018Pitchon’s grandmother, who survived the Holocaust, poverty and cancer, is his inspiration here
Photograph: © Hadar Pitchon
Untitled, from the series Family Work, 2018Florida-born Hadar Pitchon shoots for fashion magazines such as L’Officiel Hommes, but his series Family Work has a much more personal perspective
Photograph: © Hadar Pitchon
New Jersey, 2017The poses are powerful and the images bold
Photograph: © Arielle Bobb Willis
New Jersey, 2017The ‘strained, colour-blocked bodies are crimped and tense, at odds with their environment and with the garments (or objects) that cover them,’ writes Foam in a magazine accompanying the exhibition
Photograph: © Arielle Bobb Willis
New Jersey, 2017Arielle Bobb-Willis is a New York photographer who challenges the notion of fashion photography with colourful images of her models posing anywhere from Brooklyn and the Bowery to New Jersey and New Orleans
Photograph: © Arielle Bobb Willis
Untitled, 2018
Catherine Servel’s average-sized models make a compelling case for using subjects who are more representative of the wider world. This series appeared in the magazine Allure
Photograph: © Catherine Servel
Untitled, Sardinia, 2018The pair spent two weeks travelling across the island, and the resulting series is a tribute, they say, to ‘the rebellious youth who lives on the island but are an active part of where the culture is headed, somewhere between tradition and modernity’
Photograph: © Giovanni Corabu & Roberto Ortu
Untitled, Sardinia, 2018London photographer Giovanni Corabi and Italian creative director Roberto Ortu explore fashion, migration and identity in Sardinia to chart how the place is evolving and transforming as new communities form on the island
Photograph: © Giovanni Corabu & Roberto Ortu
Untitled, from Boys of Hong Kong
‘I wanted to counter this and create something that celebrates a range of Asian masculine beauty,’ she continued. ‘I wanted to show the world that these stereotypes are just stereotypes’
Photograph: © Alexandra Leese

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