Podcast: “I have three marriage proposals already, and I’m confused”

"The first two options are out of it for my type of person. I want Marriage. I am yet to graduate from the University, and I'm in my 300 level."

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“All my life I have always wanted a happy home with my yet unseen prince charming. I have had men come to me for different purposes; Dating, Sex and marriage. The first two options are out of it for my type of person. I want Marriage. I am yet to graduate from the University, and I’m in my 300 level.
I have three men seriously coming to seek my hand in marriage. Two said God sent them to me, while one said he came on his own. I don’t have any confirmation for them but I keep seeing the last one in my dream. Honestly, I don’t like him. He’s not handsome, not a graduate and too slim. These qualities… I don’t like in the man I hope to marry. I rejected his proposal twice even after he agreed to marry me despite my health condition. Now I am restless without him. I keep seeing him in my dreams. What should I do? Please HELP!

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  1. My dear, I think you are already with your husband but his current status and physical qualities are blinding your eyes. Since you are praying over it, allow God to direct you but don’t make the mistake of pushing him away over his appearance.

    When I married my wife, things were worse for me, but I don’t think my wife would have been happy if he later see me now, because we are one of the happiest couples because she accepted me the way I was and helped me achieve these things.


  2. When you are looking for physical qualities, be aware that what it looks like most times is not what it really is. Pray over it and then be wise and know what they really want and what they are inside.


  3. Dear I’ll tell you to take the advice of the host, Ifeoma. Physical qualities of most men are just a packed rubbish, when you get closer you will see that you have nothing on them but failures and lies.


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