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Top 5 causes of internet addiction

By Ezinne Success

In a world quickly flooded by the rise and impact of science and technology, the internet have proven to be an introduction, which is here to stay, undisturbed.

The invention of smartphones, is a direct offspring of the technological world, which have given the internet the wings to soar. In spite of the plethora of favourables, or needfulness of the internet, the excessive use of it have created an unavoidable addictiveness, among its users, all over the world. 


Addiction to the internet stems from an overpowering urge to stay long periods on the internet, for several reasons. This addiction is born and nurtured, owing to a number of factors. 

1. Acute Depression: This arises from the emotional, physical, psychological and social traumas of life. This disorder naturally makes the sufferer feel unconsciously detached and secluded from normal daily dealings. In such state, the mind is automatically redirected to whatsoever may likely give temporary respite.

It is a reason many depressed people storm and live on the internet in today’s world, in other to get the distraction they seek, through engaging in trending topics, articles and documentaries. This drives them to staying for hours on end, on the internet, thus paving way for addiction to creep in, without them realizing it, solely due to the fleeting euphoric tendency they probably get, in their condition. 


2. Loneliness: There is every chance for people who dwell all by themselves to get confined to the world of the internet. An individual who lives off family and friends, most definitely fills the vacuum, through regular visitations to the social media, and this covers up for their physical absence. In a bid to wave off solitariness, such individual ensures he or she works towards constantly accessing the internet, and finds it a taxing task staying away. Even during moments when it is unrequired, the urge to take a visit cannot be checked and balanced. 

3. Boredom from regular activities: It is natural for anyone to grow faint and bored from daily activities or routines and need a taste of other varieties. When such scenarios present themselves, one of the many areas to divert ones focus to, is the internet. It has become the world’s go-to option, for pleasure and leisure, whenever monotony sets in. This slowly but ultimately leads to frequent and addictive use of the internet, as it will be seen as the  immediate escape from common engagements of everyday life. 


4. Euphoric Sensation: Humans have the ability to derive happiness and fulfillment from manifold areas. For some, it is via books, for some, writing, for others, through music and the rest, by engaging in internet activities. Those whose happiness is synced with regular operation of the internet, do all they can, to visit it, when the need surfaces, and even at times, when there is not any sensible need for it. As such, they get fixated and unconditionally attached to it, since their own bliss depends on it. 

5. Ranking of Schedules and Timing: Planning and proper timing is a pertinent attribute in the dispensation of any dealing and the realization of a given target. However, it seems to be a norm for people to misplace priorities, thereby diverting their time to the internet and jettisoning the activities which are topmost on their agenda. This breeds abuse, disorderliness and overall, addiction. 

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