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Common fears of living in Lagos

By Ezinne Success

Being one of the major hub of commercial activities in Nigeria, Lagos presents heightened opportunities to people of several tribes, which has contributed to the always increasing influx of individuals, overtime.

It is a state where the craze to succeed is at an all-time high, which contains virtually every ethnic group across the country, and deemed as everyone ‘s perfect choice.


With the colossal spread of firms, industries, companies, institutions, vacation sites and every other gripping establishment, citizens from near and distant states get relatively attracted and consider the option of migration. Be it as it may, the greener pastures in Lagos is not without equivalent clogs.

There is a fixed phobia in the hearts of most indwellers in Lagos, which possibly stands as a deterrent to those who consider the thought of relocation. A host of these factors are carefully stated. 

1. Human Congestion: This is the dominating factor upon which others cling to. The presence of too many humans from several cultures of life, is a major fear that inhabits the minds of those who live in Lagos. This causes overpopulation and an instant upsurge and struggle for the essentials of life, thereby making opportunities limited to few individuals. The thought of either temporarily or indefinitely changing environment to Lagos, will be a nightmare for persons who have phobia for crowded places. Even though the chances of succeeding in an any enterprise is on a very high scale, one would always have to combat the issue of overpopulation. 

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2. Traffic Block: Here is nearly an unkillable fear, resident in the hearts of every single Lagosian. As a result of the ever booming population, there is direct influence on the movement of man and goods. This is the cause many who work in distant places wake and set out as early as the hour of 4, or about then, just to meet up with schedules and appointments, and ultimately defeat the daily traffic. So long as overcrowding remains unbeaten, the case of traffic, might always abound. 

3. Accommodation: The challenge of shelter will never cease being a reason for worry among Lagos residents. It varies from choosing a place of true comfort to being capable of footing the necessary bill, for such pick. This is because house owners find it a thing of delight fixing bizarre rent for their tenants, after all, living in Lagos equals being a relatively big man.


It results in an unsettled state of mind for most occupants at the end or start of any year, as they are always left with the thought of how to garner and dole out ridiculous amounts to their landlords. So, people with the mindset of having a change in neighbourhood, are stuck with only two opposite variables – being well-off to pay the charge for a serene home or opting for a substandard apartment and having the risk of encountering sour ordeals.

4. Cost of Living: The daily expenditures of Lagos residents have not been on the very favourable side. The monies plunged into transportation, healthcare, food, clothing and other salient necessities for living, is outrageous. The effect chokes both the single and married, which is no fault of theirs.

The providers of these services take the advantage of the teeming population to boost their sales, and seeing that the services are essentials, the populace yield with no second thought.


5. Security: The large population density in Lagos have given license to persons with heinous and nefarious intentions to thrive, thereby affecting the security percentage in the state. Be it at day or nighttime, a random dweller needs extra cautiousness to overcome the agony that accompanies boarding a vehicle controlled by kidnappers or the perils associated with meeting thugs.

This is a serious turn off for Lagosians and having no possible choice other than relocation, living with this fear, is their next door alternative. 

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