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Tonto declares to do what the Federal government failed to do

By Agbaka Gift Lynda

The iconic nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh, the self- declared female king, has proven very useful to the society since the advent of the dreaded COVID 19 as she is set to disinfect three states entirely in Nigeria.

Since the outbreak and spread of the Corona virus, Tonto through her foundation, The Tonto Dikeh Foundation, and that of her son, King Andre Dikeh Foundation has been of immense help to the society.

On a daily basis, she distributes food items including bags of rice, eggs, noodles, bread, bags of water, oil, tin tomatoes etc to the less privileged on the streets. She feeds the poor street children daily, by giving them plates of cooked food with other items.

Yesterday, she announced via Instagram, that she intends to disinfect three states in Nigeria from her private pocket. She called on the general public to recommend any fumigation companies they know to
contact her for the contract. She said that she intends to do this as part of her support to the federal government to fight the Covid 19.

She also said that even if we succeed in killing the virus in the body and return to the streets, that we will still contract this virus. Hence, to completely kick out this virus, the streets too must be disinfected.

She intends to lend a helping hand to the government by disinfecting three states completely in Nigeria.

Some of the states she has in mind are:
Rivers state
Imo state
Delta state and

Isn’t this lady an angel?

Furthermore, Tonto has received national applaud for her kind gestures which she does single-handedly.

However, Tonto has faced several challenges in the cause of her good deeds. She and her foundation team were attacked by hoodlums that made away with lots of their relief packs leaving them stranded with slight bruises. But this didn’t stop her from continuing to touch lives through give aways.

Today, she took to her Instagram page to complain about how their foundation is faced with the challenge of crowd. She said that the crowd never listens to her orders despite the fact that security personnels are on ground. They overcrowd her thereby disobeying the need for social distance. In fact, they pulled down her gate, rushed in and took away all that she intends to distribute to people. She confirmed that the crowd left her and her team hurt today. They never cared about her or her safety, all that mattered to them was to flee with her stuffs. But this Angel said that it would not stop her from continuing with her charitable deeds.
She put her life at risk just to give back to the society.

In a nutshell, Tonto is an angel in disguise, no matter her past or escapades with her ex- husband and her relationship with Bobrisky, I think she still has a heart of gold for she intends to do what even the federal government have not done for Nigerians. If every rich person out there can be like her, then the world would certainly become a better place for us all.

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