Pedophiles are destroying the society

These mature adults know the implications of their actions but tend to cease the opportunity of the innocence and ignorance of these minors placed under their care.

By Agbaka Gift Lynda

Pedophilia is a menace that has eaten deep into our society. It affects the general health, mental, academic and psychological stability of children thereby hindering adequate physical, moral and economic development in the Society.

Pedophilia is one of the current dangers we are facing in Nigeria and an adequate knowledge on how to combat this obstacle will lead to an all-round development of the society. Pedophilia can come in form of a rape or an act done willing but however, the willing child will not know the meaning and implications of what he or she  has agreed to do.

Who is a Pedophile?

A Pedophile is an adult above the age of 18 who is sexually attracted to children way below his/her age. These are mature adults that take advantage of little children below the age of proper reasoning. Pedophiles include fathers, mothers, religious leaders, teachers, family relations, neighbours and any other mature adults living in the society.

Instances of cases of pedophilia include: A man of ninety (90)  years raping a child of six(6) years, an uncle of thirty (30) having canal knowledge of a baby of nine(9)months, a school teacher defiling the pupils/students under his care, a religious leaders taking advantage of his young church member, a domestic staff sexually abusing the child under his/ her care, a mature neighbour defiling a little child kept under his/her care,  admist other similar cases.

These mature adults know the implications of their actions but tend to cease the opportunity of the innocence and  ignorance of these minors placed under their care. It is pathetic how these dogs tend to enjoy the bones tied around their own necks for safe keeping. The rate at which pedophilia is increasing in Nigeria is alarming and if something is not drastically done about it, many lives of naive children will be ruined and it will hence keep contributing to moral decadence in the society.

Reasons/ Causes of Pedophilia

1. Lack of self control of the adults: when a mature adult lacks control and desires to have sexual knowledge of everyone he or she sees.

2. Ignorance of children: many children don’t understand the meaning and implications of what they are made to do.

3. Failure to teach children sex education: when children are not properly educated on sex, they are left to be taught wrongly by other people. You can simplify sex education to suit the age of the child to be prepared in case of mishaps.

4. Diabolic purposes: some adults engage in this act as instructed to them by evil people. They do it only as a means of sacrifice for evil reasons.

5. Excessive trust on certain individuals: when as a parent, you have so much trust on certain individuals not actually trustworthy, and leave your kids under their care.

6. Always silencing children whenever they want to talk.

7. Not having a good bond with your child: This prevents them from opening up to you in cases of such.

8. Raising children that lack self- confidence.

These and many more are the possible reasons/ causes of pedophilia in our society.

Effects of pedophilia on children

Children who have in one way or the other being sexually abused usually suffer from the  following effects:

1. The children usually become withdrawn from others.

2. Their psychological life is affected.

3. Inferiority complex sets in.

4. Lack of self confidence

5. Poor academic performance

6. Inability to trust people anymore.

Children sexually abused usually have one or more of the above listed effects on them.

Ways to combat this menace

Here are the ways to fight against pedophilia as a parent, child, government and responsible adult in the society:

1. Children should be taught sex education early enough in life. As a parent, try to look for a simplified way of instilling this knowledge in the children otherwise, wrong values will be taught to them by irresponsible adults. Government should also include sex education in the curriculum of children so as to be taught early enough before they can come across such suitation.

2. Parents should bond well with their children. This will keep the channel of communication open, so that they can feel free to tell you anything bothering them.

3. Never train children by constantly silencing keep. This affects their self confidence as they grow.

4. Adults should be encouraged to have self control.

5. Parents shouldn’t trust certain individuals as to leave them in custody of their kids. These people are always the first to defile the children.

6. Government should make sure that pepetrators of such acts don’t go scot free. They should be duely punished to serve as a deterrent to others.

7. Children should be taught to speak out in case of an attempt.

8. Parents should teach their female children not to be too attached to any male adults. 

9. Parents shouldn’t accept any adult to refer to his or her child as ” my wife” or ” my husband”. This can send wrong interpretation to the child who may now actually begin to perform the role of a husband or wife to the adult.

10. Children should be taught never to accept unnecessary gifts from adults. These gifts can serve as a bait to keep luring the children to them and also to make them feel indepted to those adults.

11. CCTV cameras should be mounted in schools and homes where there are care givers to monitor the relationship between the children and these adults.

12. Children should be monitored closely at all times.

13. Teach your children not to believe that all adults are always right and are to be trusted. They should know that some adults are irresponsible and shouldn’t be trusted.

In conclusion, pedophilia is a serious crime that shouldn’t be taken lightly because it destroys the entire personality of the child, but if we join hands together to combat this evil, our society will become a better place. 

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