Secrets out: not COVID-19 but free studies in Italy

So today, I will be laying out the secrets of studying abroad in Italy for free.

By Inyiama Neche

Although, Italy is recording it’s death in thousands due to the pandemic but we can’t overlook the truth that many don’t know about.

If you have probably followed me, you would know see this as the continuation of the abroad studies. And trust me, your curiosity won’t deteriorate because It would get more bigger and alive in you to see the truth of studying abroad no one will tell you.

So today, I will be laying out the secrets of studying abroad in Italy for free.

Studying in Italy is exciting experience with unique opportunity to immerse in Italian culture and reach out to the other parts of the world. Am sure you have heard of other free tuition in other popular country like Norway, Germany, Iceland etc but it’s with a lot of competition. So it’s probably harder to get into this popular countries than entering a university here in Nigeria.

That’s why I thought to share this secret many don’t know. Italy has good universities with best world ranking and good facilities a school should have, hence it’s gradually becoming an international destination. So you better grab a seat here before it’s full.

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Different provinces in Italy offer regional scholarship for every student for low income paid families to cover their tuition (be it a public or private university), feeding and accommodation. Shocked right?. There’s more to it.
Every student be it a foreigner from any country can participate in this so far you prove you are from low income earning family.

And how do you prove that?

Through the embassy in your country. The embassy in your country has to prove to them with just a confirmation you’re eligible for this scholarship.

Though, this secret is out but there are a lot of processes to take to get this and I promise I will discuss that next time.
At the main time, you can research more on this and inquire from the Italian embassy or consulate in Nigeria for more information on this.

Meanwhile, hit the comment button let’s hear your thoughts.

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