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How to transition your offline business online

By Rabiat Mustapha

The world as we all know has gone digital. Everything is now been done online, businesses are not left out of this. In the business world where technology dominates, business owners are beginning to understand the impact of an online presence for their business and how this could improve their brand growth, survival and profitability.T

echnology base marketing strategy are been employed to keep business activities afloat and increase brand visibility. With the substantial increase in the number of active social media users, businesses can reach out to their target customers online in no time and with little cost by having an online presence and visibility. Below are steps on how you can transition your offline business online;


So you’ve decided to move your business online, who are your target customers? What are they interested in? Why should they buy from you? What value are you offering? Identify their demographics and behavior and determine how your product will fit into their lifestyle. Having knowledge about this will help you understand their needs/wants and how you could modify your product or service to suit their needs.


Check out your competitors online selling the same product or offering the same service as you. Identify their strategies; who are their customers? What niche do they dominate? How do they attract their customer? e.t.c. An analysis of what your competitors are doing will give you an insight into the opportunities and threats in your industry and how you can position yourself effectively to stay ahead.


Moving your offline business online means leveraging various social media platforms to reach out to you target market. First, you need to know what platform your target customers are more likely to utilize. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, PInterest are platform business owners could optimize in creating brand awareness for their business, expand their customer base and promote their activities.


Great content attracts the right audience who need your products and who are likely to patronize your business. Whatever content you create should be related to what product you sell or what service you offer. For instance, if you are a Financial Consultant and offer advisory service, you could create contents related to personal finance or on how people can invest their money with high return on invest within a specific period. When people see value in what you do, they are most likely to pick interest in your business profile giving you the opportunity to convert them into potential client.


Your offline and online business should be identified as the one brand. Creating an online space for your business does not translate to ditching your offline business, both should be integrated to enable you reach several audience and build a trusted and reliable brand. You can also get your online customers engage in your offline business or persuade them to visit your offline store.

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