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Paper dolls for your crafting pleasure

A few weeks ago, T asked a handful of illustrators, artists and designers to dream up paper-doll outfits of their own — for figures created by Ilya Milstein — and the results feel anything but predictable. Some of the looks would be at home at an avant-garde runway presentation (and you may find that some of the pieces, especially the more conceptual ones, require a bit of tape).

The designer Katie Stout, for instance, was drawn to the bulbous shapes of produce, like carrots and Ugli fruit. Other participants offered casual pieces, like patterned separates or a floral dress, for sunny spring days. Having spent much of his period of self-isolation watching old Hollywood movies, the tattoo artist Mars Hobrecker went for full glamour, fashioning a gown with ruffles inspired by the costumes of Edith Head.

Paulina Olowska, an artist based in Rabka, Poland, nodded to a more immediate past, drawing on human-size clothing items she and her partner have picked up on their various travels: a straw hat from Lamu, Kenya; a black linen vest from Fez, Morocco.

The fashion designer Aurora James, meanwhile, looked closer to home — and to our current moment: “I’ve been swaddling myself in sheets and blankets and walking around like that,” she said. The architects Adam Charlap Hyman and Andre Herrero of Charlap Hyman & Herrero also created outfits that resonate with today’s world: Their reflective chrome suits are complete with plant headpieces that seem to assert, hopefully, that life goes on.

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